Can You Come Top Of The Class In Your Children’s School?

how to be involved in your child's education

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your child. It’s why you stay up until crazy o’clock quickly trying to finish that homework for the next day. And, it’s why you try to get involved in the school community. After all, your standing in the school status has more impact on your child than you might realise.

It’s a harsh reality, but parents can be as cruel as their kids. If you don’t make yourself known to the right people, your child might not get an invitation to that big class party. And, that can do real damage to a young one’s self-esteem.

More than that, failure to get involved stops you having any real say in significant school decisions. And, few parents would sit back and let that happen. Instead, then, consider the following ways to become a vocal part of the school community.

Ways to be involved in your child’s education

Face the school gates

The school gate. It’s a dreadful place, isn’t it? If you thought the canteen of your school days was bad, it’s got nothing on this. All eyes will be on you the moment you step out of your car. What’s more, you won’t know who to talk to, or even where to put your hands!

But, making the right impression at the school gates can make a massive difference to finding your place in the community. If you’re in real doubt about how to do this, head to sites like to find the ins and outs of making a good impression.

For the most part, be approachable and friendly. Smile at other parents instead of keeping your head down. Over time, things will get better, we promise!

Become a valued member of the parent’s committee

As well as taking you further with other parents, involvement in the parent’s committee enables you to make positive changes to your child’s school. As such, it’s a must for any parent.

But, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can be a silent observer here. If you attend but don’t say anything, you’ll miss your chance on both counts.

Instead, be the parent that volunteers to host the coffee afternoon. Be the one to suggest companies like for an alternative take on the next school fundraiser. And, whatever you do, don’t let the other parents intimidate you!

Take time for the teacher

Teacher and parent relationships are tricky. Teachers are often reluctant to get close. After all, it could be considered a conflict of interest. But, the teachers are the people with the power. If you want to see change, it makes sense to start here.

The main thing to bear in mind is that you need to make it clear this is not, indeed, a conflict. Never mention your child’s grades, or ask for allowances. Instead, follow the pointers found at to build a decent relationship. Then, when you have a good idea for classroom improvements, you’ll be in the best position to get your voice heard.

how to be a part of your child's school

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