Balustrade is basically moulded shaft, squarish or lathe turned pattern made from a rectangular square plank. Balustrading is most commonly found standing on a unified footing or supporting a parapet wall or staircase handrail also. You can go for wooden, aluminum and steel balustrades as important decorative and supportive material for staircases and swimming pools. Corrosion-resistant and durable materials can be used to create an eye-catching effect with the balustrades. It starts from protecting a person from falling off a stairway or balcony. It is also applied for cordoning off an area for the sake of privacy. One example is gilded balustrade that partitions the bed Royal chamber from rest of the room space.

balustrade stairs

Origin of Balustrading

The most ancient existence of Balustrade originates from sculptural murals dating back to 13th and 7th centuries B.C. Alike to Assyrian palaces, Balustrading can be seen lining along windows during architecturally innovative building designs of Greek and Roman dynasties. But it was meant to resurface during late 15th century.

How to use balustrades in walkways?

A phenomenal illustration is the construction of balustrades seen lined along the second-floor walkway viewing a courtyard. The patio was later reinstalled in New York ‘s Museum Art gallery.

Balustrades are found in wide varieties of shapes as well as materials made of wood and wrought iron, stone, concrete and plastic as well.

wooden balustrade

Change in profile and style

Balustrade being a structure formed generally by means of turning was established in wood crafting and ceramic application. Once it is formed by application of lathe by means of turning of wood. It is found to be of split look architectonic themes that were common in Italian, Spanish and Northern European style.

The modern Baluster is introduced to the shaft bifurcating a window found in Saxon architecture. In England, it is found in Abbey in St. Albans considered to be taken from old Saxon church.

Design of Balustrades

It is made normally following same dimension of the square bottom part. The gap between the row of balusters is maintained keeping in mind the aesthetic show and not made very far apart. Balusters normally are terminated in columns, walls of buildings or in heavy newel post construction. Otherwise structural strength would get reduced.

steel balustrade

Manufacturing and installation

Balusters are manufactured and constructed in various ways with varieties of material as desired by the customers in the works of the manufacturers. Wood and stones can be fabricated by means of a lathe, and in case of wood, it can be crafted from square or rectangular sized planks.  

  • Cast iron: By casting in foundry shops and it gives a trendier design altogether
  • Cast stone: By casting in moulds
  • Hard and soft wood: By turning in lathe they are given unique balustrade designs
  • Plaster of Paris: By moulding
  • Polymer stones: By casting and forming with application of heat. You can get sturdy designs and many templates in polymer varieties, to add more glamour to your home.
  • Polyurethane or Polystyrene: Forming by application of heat
  • Wrought iron: By means of forging
  • Vinyl plastic: By heating and forming

Cast stone made balusters were introduced in 18th century in Great Britain. Cast iron made balusters were developed in 1840. Cast stone does not suffer from wear and tear and there is less maintenance cost involved in this case.

Balustrading are basically architectural item formed and installed for beautification of buildings. There are good numbers of reputed manufacturers engaged in baluster business. You can now choose from customizing the designs and styles for balustrades. Powder coated steel or aluminum balustrades are easy to maintain with simple soap solutions, and you can also choose glass or semi-framed glass or wooden balustrades to keep a more conventional design for your interiors.



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    Wow, I never knew that balustrades could even be used in walkways and other parts of the house that need design. This makes me think of the tall luxury house that my aunt has been trying to renovate and add more style in. She’s going all out with her upgrades, so if I can find a contractor that can advise her where the best place for balustrades railings would be, I’m sure she’d appreciate getting them installed.

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