5 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Water Heater

winter maintenance tips for your water heater

Water heaters in Spokane Valley, WA should be serviced in the fall to prepare the equipment for the upcoming harsh weather conditions. But by any chance you missed the upkeep, don’t worry! You can still maintain your water heater even if the winter has started. After all, providing care for your comfort system is an ongoing task.

Here are some water heater maintenance tips to keep your system working in optimum condition this winter.

Water heater maintenance tips

Flush the Tank

Sediments, residues, and dirt may build up inside your water heater tank. If not removed, they can coat the sides of the system’s interior and cause problems. The buildup doesn’t just make the water hard and dirty, but it also reduces your water heater’s efficiency level.

Flushing the tank is an easy upkeeping task for your water heaters in Spokane Valley, WA. Let the experts handle the task to address other hidden issues in the tank.

Monitor the Pressure and Temperature

Water pressure and temperature should be checked regularly as they play an integral role in your system’s service life. If they are set too high, some mechanical issues may occur, and leaks may become more frequent. High pressure and temperature can also impact your water heater bills.

It would be better if you set the temperature to 120 degrees and the pressure to 40-80 psi for better performance.

Beef Up the Insulation

Water heaters in Spokane Valley, WA will work more efficiently when their tank is fully insulated. With proper insulation, the equipment can heat the water faster and consume less amount of energy in the process.

Insulating your water heater is an easy task. Wrap a foil blanket (which you can buy in most hardware stores around the tank and leave it on the surface as the system works throughout the winter. You will notice a significant drop in your utility bills with this simple upkeep.

Inspect the Valve and Anode Rod

The water pressure valve is responsible for preventing the temperature from rising to a dangerous level. When the valve is damaged, the temperature may increase faster, and the tank could explode.

On the other hand, the anode rod is the one preventing corrosion and rust in the water heater. Leaving this part working in poor condition may lead to water contamination.

Your trusted technician can help investigate the valve and anode rod in your water heaters in Spokane Valley, WA. Make sure to have these parts inspected annually to know whether a repair or replacement is needed.

Get a Complete Water Heater Service

Water heater maintenance and servicing is an overwhelming task for average homeowners. Repairing the system on your own can cause considerable damages and even cost them more in the long run due to a lack of knowledge and tools. It’s always a good idea to get water heater services from the pros.

Expert plumbers can provide complete services for water heaters in Spokane Valley, WA. They can inspect, repair, maintain, and install the system to ensure your home never runs out of hot water in the winter.

Water heaters are built to last for several years, but they require more attention and care as they age. By ensuring your water heater receives enough maintenance, you can prevent potential malfunctions and disruptions from happening during the winter.

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