You get the right amount of sleep recommended, you are happy with your work life and generally, you keep positive about life. So why do you constantly feel like you run out of energy all the time?

feeling tired?

It’s not a mystery, in fact it’s common to feel this way. Even though things might be going great in some parts of your life, all may not be well in other parts that affect your body specifically. You may not even realize why and what you’re doing to cause yourself to feel as if you need an extra cup of coffee every day. Or find that you tend to begin yawning and lose focus an hour before everyone else does at work.

The problem or problems are part of your lifestyle and they become ingrained in us so deeply that we don’t even know we’re causing our own unhappiness.




Why you constantly feel drained of energy

Never switching off

Even if you keep in shape, you’re fit and you’re working out regularly you can still feel drained. The problem lies within the mind sometimes. Because if you tend to worry a lot you’re going to be mentally charged all the time.

Is something bothering you that you’re putting off or just haven’t got the willpower to confront? Putting things on the back burner of your mind can cause your stress levels to remain moderate to mild all throughout the day. Not something that makes you panic, but still keep tapping away at you for longer has just the same effect.

You need to confront what is bothering you or you will never shake away the feeling of being emotionally and physically drained. See a therapist, talk to your partner or friends and possibly even write it down in a journal. Get it out of your system some way or another.



Convenience is the enemy

Life is fast so everyone wants to eat on the go. Convenience food is often junk, full of sugars and fats because companies and businesses need to sell you something that tastes great but fills you up too. When time is of the essence our good sense tends to fly away. And we buy something that we know is not at all healthy for us.

Fatty and sugary foods stimulate our senses in the short term but ultimately we drop off the sugar high and our digestive system works hard to process all that fat. You’ll feel groggy and sluggish after a ready-meal of almost any kind.

Learn what kind of dishes you can make from someone like Heather Carey nutrition expert, which you can take to work with you or keep in your bag with you everywhere you go. Your cooking skills will increase as well as  knowledge of the different foods you put in your body.

reasons why you feel tired all the time with no energy

Feeling drained is a psychological issue sometimes. Despite living healthily and doing all the right things, never completing a thought or finding a resolution to your worries keeps your mind working overtime.

Eating on the go or rather buying food on the go, is almost never a healthy choice for your body. Learn how to make healthy food that you can take with you no matter if it’s to work, shopping or even on a walk in the park.

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