Why Compounding Medicines are Good For Your Pet?

Being a pet owner, the most absolute thing you want is a healthy and better life for your pet. However, being a successful pet owner, you need to take a lot of responsibilities. Of all of these responsibilities, taking your pet to a veterinarian for regular checkups is also important.

Paying a visit to the vet on a regular basis should be maintained to ensure that your animal stays happy and in good health. And if your pet gets sick due to any external reasons, you need to pay a sudden visit to the vet in order to figure out what could be wrong.

There’s a lot of things that can make your pet sick or moody. They could even have worms because pets like to explore the world with their mouth. If you think your pet might have worms, here’s an article by TheGoodyPet on what to do if your pet has worms.

But in all, your vet should be able to prescribe a list of drugs for quick recovery of your pet’s health whenever your pet is sick. The real struggle is getting the pet to take the drug and also if your pet is sensitive to commercial drugs then you must search for some alternative medicines.

Well, here is where you need a vet compounding pharmacy because such a pharmacy can customize the medicines for your pets. Such compound medicines have fewer side effects and you can easily feed such liquid medicines to your pets.

Compounded Medications are Easier to Give to the Pets

Pets become notorious kids to administer while giving them medicines because large tablets or the unpleasant taste of the commercial drugs can affect their body. So, in order to get your pet treated with proper medication, you need to grab an alternative method. If the size of the tablet is huge or too small that it requires you to feed him with multiple tablets in one go, it can become really tough. Moreover, these commercially prepared drugs have that typical medicine taste which is not liked by your pet.

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So, in such situations or special cases, vet compounding pharmacy comes as an aid. These veterinary compounding pharmacists have the ability to turn the bad-tasting medicine into a yummy by adding some flavors to their customized medicines. This change makes the medication of your pet much easier and convenient. For example, if the dog medicine tastes like beef, chicken, or cheese, it is likely that your dog will consume it. The pharmacists also add up the flavor of fish, tuna, or cod liver oil to make the medicine taste more yummy and appealing for your pet.

compounding medicine for pets

Compounded Medications Can Combine Medication Into A Single Dose

It is quite likely that your pet is suffering from a series of health issues and required more than one type of medication. Trying to gain control over the dog and administering it for multiple drug dosages can be tedious and challenging. The risk of missing the doses stands as the most likely outcome. However, due to the presence of vet compounding pharmacies, this problem also gets an easy solution. They make the process easier by combining the drugs and turning them into a single dose.

If your pet is going through serious health conditions in which he requires to get tested by more than one prescription, it is better that you talk with the veterinary doctors. He can guide you with options like a vet compounding pharmacy.  You can easily discuss your concerns regarding the treatment of your pet and get the medication customized to fit his requirements. You can also inquire the vet regarding the single-dose formulation too. Apart from that, such customize medicines have fewer side effects, and your pets will not suffer from any allergy or stomach infection by using such compound medicines. 

As there are several vet compounding pharmacy services available in the market, you can get suggestions regarding it from your vet. However, before seeking service from any such pharmacy, make sure you check its background and customer reviews.

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  1. June 26, 2020 / 1:38 am

    My sister has been talking to us about how she feels her cat is getting sick and she has no idea what could be the cause. I really appreciate the part of your article that states that serious health conditions can be prescribed by different vets and that compounded medications can help with this because my sister’s confusion started when she was told that her cat suffered from different sicknesses from other cat owners, so she wasn’t really sure what kind of medicine to get for her cat. I’ll be sure to show this article to her so we can find any vet clinics that offer compounded pet medications. Thank you so much!

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