Where To Clean Your House During The Winter

cleaning your home during winter

How often do you clean your house out? Probably once a week at least, and you straighten things out whenever you come across a messy problem within your rooms. Does this frequency change with the times? Are you more worried about dust and germs in the summer and autumn? Do you save most of the work up for the spring clean? Whatever you do, now’s the time for you to turn your hygiene orientated attention towards your winter needs.

Your house in the wintertime can get very messy and grimy. And you’re going to have to work double time to stay on top of all the cleaning you’ll need to get done. But where should you focus your efforts the most? Here are a few top picks.

The Inside of Your Trash Can

When it’s winter, there’s a good chance you’re heading outside less and less. And because of this, there’s also a strong chance your trash is being taken out less and less. You let it build up a little more than usual and then haul all the bags out at once.

Not only that, but the winter brings a lot of cold and flu germs along with it.  These can much more easily breed within your trash than at any other time of the year. So make sure you’re scrubbing your bin out at least once a month during the upcoming season, and use tips like these to make sure you’re getting in all the corners.

Your Extractor Fans and Other Ventilation Systems

You want the air in your house to be as fresh and clean as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is to make sure you’ve got a clear ventilation system. One that isn’t clogged up with dust or broken and unused without your knowledge. If you take a look at the fans in your kitchen and bathroom, you might just discover they’re caked over with grey dust and a little bit of grease here and there.

You need to clean these off, and make sure they’re on a permanent cycle, to get all the other toxins out of your room. Are your eyes irritated? Got a sore throat? Feel otherwise OK with these symptoms coming out of nowhere? There’s a good chance you need to check out the numbers for an emergency ac repair. All kinds of domestic horror can collect in the filters and fans of these units.

Clean the Top of the Doors (and the shelves!)

Especially on the front and back door of your house. There’s minuscule gaps here that let air flow in and out, and they might just be caked in nasty bugs from the outside. And if you’ve got any shelves mounted in your hallways, or near the door out to the garden, be sure to wipe them down regularly as well.

Your house deserves a thorough clean this season!


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