This is to be kept in mind that water is undoubtedly the most destructive as well as the costliest forces when talking about their damage-causing power to your home. This is the reason why it is absolutely crucial to fix a plumbing issue either yourself or you can call a plumber when the issue is quite complex.

Do it yourself (DIY) Plumbing issues

Here is a list of the very basic Plumbing issues which you can very easily tackle yourself.

A slightly dripping faucet

There are several instances when a constantly dripping faucet can irritate you big time. The sound of the constantly dripping water is not only annoying you while you sleep but this also is leading to wastage of water and costing you money. When you notice a steady drip, then this indicates that the faucet needs to be replaced.

In such a case, you would preferably require turning off the water to the faucet & then you would have to unscrew the handle. Then you would have to inspect the washer and the O-ring and check whether they are damaged. Then you would have to replace the damaged washer with a new washer and install the faucet with your DIY tools.

A running toilet

There are times even after you flush, the water continues to flow inside the bowl. In such a case, probably the lever in the tank behind the bowl is not working properly. In such a case, the lid of the toilet tank needs to be removed and then find the chain which is usually sunk in the bottom of the tank, and you have to reattach the same to the lever which is attached to the toilet handle.

A showerhead trickle

If the shower head is sprinkling water in crazy directions, then it becomes very difficult at times. In such a case, you would require removing the shower head and also the spray plate, and then soak the same in an effective de-scaling solution.

when to call a plumber

When would you need a professional Plumber?

Malfunction of the water heater

If your water heater is leaking or if your water heater is emitting a pungent odour or if it is creating a strange sound, then you should call a professional plumber without any delay. An improperly working water heater can be a great threat to your safety and health, and such issues can be solved by the certified plumbers only.

Burst pipes

There can be few extreme changes in the temperature when your water pipe has busted, and it may cause to send gallons of water into your home. In case the pipe bursts, then you have to shut off the main water valve immediately and call a professional plumber to fix it.

Clogged sewer lines

The main sewer line is one of the prime and most crucial pieces of plumbing in your home. A collapse in the sewer line can be handled only by a well-experienced professional plumber. Sometimes, you can find some blockages underneath sewage lines and you need to call the plumber to inspect it. They will inspect the underground sewage lines with their CCTV and then they will clear their clogged areas of your drainage system with their advanced tools.

A sewer line clog or collapse cannot be done by a layman. So, you should immediately call a professional plumber to fix the complex plumbing issues. So, it is always suggested to keep the contact details of a professional plumber in your society whom you can call at times of plumbing emergencies.


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