Finding the right place to live comes with so many challenges. Chances are, you have a number of boxes to tick when it just comes to the property alone. A certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a garden, a garage, a certain size, age and style. However when it comes to buying your dream home, there’s so much more to it than the property itself. When you find a beautiful house it’s tempting to want to overlook everything else, but when you’re making such a huge decision it needs to be right. The last thing you want to do is pay all of this money and go through the stress of moving to regret your decision later on.

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You can use sites like American Real PM – Find a Home to find the perfect property for you. But as well as the building itself, here are some other things you need to bear in mind when choosing your dream home.


The Street

The street itself is so important. The house might look beautiful on the property listing, but you need to know how the rest of the street compares. It’s always best to buy the worst house on a good street than the best house on a bad one. As you can make changes to your property but not the area. Look on Google street view and scope out the area. If the road is very busy, it might be noisy and dangerous if you have pets and children. If it’s right next to some less attractive houses, or there are large tower blocks in view it can bring down the overall feel of the house. If you’re happy with how it looks on street view, then you should aim to see it in person just to if check there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

A good tip is to check how well maintained the neighbours gardens are. Also, see what kinds of cars are parked on the street and in driveways to get an idea of the kind of area it is.


The Transport Links

Being in a place that’s easy to access is always going to be useful. Especially if you commute to work or have other commitments that require you to be able to get around. Are you close to a motorway or road network, or is there a bus or train station nearby? How easy is it for you to get to places like work and to family members? This might not be a problem for you personally, but for some people it can be a huge issue so it’s something to consider.


The Local Amenities

Most of us like to be close to the things that we need- shops, gyms, our children’s schools and parks and other important places. Unless you live out in the sticks and are happy being miles away from these kinds of things then it’s something to check out. Are you close to a local supermarket, play centre or bank that you might need? If you don’t drive this is particularly important.

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