How To Look Classy And Elegant By Wearing A Pocket Watch

The pocket watch is currently making a big comeback in fashion after being invented in Germany back in the 1500s. It is a great way for a gent to round off his outfit by offering a nod to history and showing elegance.

By wearing a pocket watch and chain, you may wish to express class and dignity or it might be more comfortable for those unable to wear a watch strap. You may even wish to imitate heroes of TV and big screen. Whatever your reasoning, it is time for you to visit a reputable dealer. For example, Kalmar Antiques sell vintage pocket watch Australia collectors want.

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A Little Bit Of History

Pocket watches evolved into the round shape and small size we recognize today during the 1670s when King Charles II popularised them after they were previously bulky and worn on a chain around the neck. An American watchmaker Webb C. Ball was contracted to design a pocket watch with strict requirements that can be used safely as the timepiece to run the railway by after an accident on the line in Ohio in 1891.

Pocket watches remained popular until the advent of the wristwatch, which was developed for use in a war. It is said that a soldier can save time when in combat by looking down at his wrist rather than taking a watch out of his pocket. In recent years, pocket watch has regained popularity owing to their beauty and elegance.

When To Wear A Pocket Watch

A pocket watch will add style to your outfit whether in business meetings at work or out at social occasions such as weddings or even in the members’ enclosure at the racetrack. They are generally worn with waistcoats which in turn are making a comeback.

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How To Wear A Pocket Watch

The most popular way to wear a pocket watch is by placing it in your waistcoat pocket. The chain of the watch is then passed through the coat’s buttonhole. The fob, or the end of the chain, is tucked into your other waistcoat pocket.

As there are various styles of pocket watches, it is important to understand the different watch styles as this will affect the way you attach and wear them. It may even have a bearing on which style of pocket watch you choose to purchase depending on your preferred style of dress.

For instance, when wearing a costume piece, you are likely to want the watch to be seen hanging from your outfit. While waistcoats are the normally associated dress code for pocket watches, there is nothing to prevent the wearing in the front or breast pocket of a suit. Perhaps a visit to a museum may offer ideas and inspiration.

Get With The Times And Buy A Pocket Watch Today

Look elegant, fashionable, and classy with the purchase of a pocket watch whether you are looking to create your own style or emulate famous wearers such as Tommy Shelby, Poirot, or Thomas Crown. You will certainly look the part and gather admiring glances.

How To Look Classy And Elegant By Wearing A Pocket Watch

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