16 Ways To Wear Faux Locs In 2022

If you love the idea of locs but can’t commit to one hairstyle for your lifetime, then faux locs is for you. Unlike traditional dread locs, faux locs only last for about 4-6 weeks if you maintain them properly. So once you have your locs in, you can get rid of them in 6 weeks or less and then try a different hairstyle.

To do faux locs, your hairstylist will use about 4-8 packs of kanekalon hair extension, depending on how thick and long your faux locs are. Faux locs can take a maximum of 9 hours to get done. I know it seems like a long time but once you are able to sit through these 9 hours, you’ll have a stunning hairstyle to rock for over a month.

Because this hairstyle uses hair extensions for braiding, it shields your natural hair and gives it time to rest. Although, you must make sure that your hairstylist doesn’t braid your hair too tight and the locs aren’t heavy for your scalp. If that happens it can damage your natural hair. See below for some different ways you can rock your faux locs.

Faux locs styles for 2022

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