How To Wear A Bodycon Dress – 6 Simple Tips

woman wearing a bodycon dress

The term “bodycon” comes from the word “body-conscious,” and it refers to figure-hugging dresses made of elastic fabrics that are meant to highlight a woman’s curves. Bodycon dresses are gaining popularity lately but a lot of women shy away from it because of how these dresses hug their bodies.

But there is really no reason why you can’t wear a bodycon dress, no matter what your body shape is. Knowing how to wear your bodycon dress so that it flatters your body shape is the key here. So let’s take a look at how you can rock a bodycon dress with confidence.

Tips to wear a bodycon dress

Get a shapewear

No matter your body shape, shapewear will help you rock a bodycon dress. Whiles most women despise the idea of wearing shapewear, there’s really no shame in wearing shapewear. Shapewear will not only enhance and bring out your body’s shape, but it will also disguise any excess flab and help to improve your appearance and confidence.

A brand like Lover-Beauty has shapewear wholesale, so you have a lot of choices to choose from if you want to invest in shapewear.

Shapewear gives you a clean, streamlined style that hides your flaws while highlighting your feminine curves. This means you won’t have to be concerned about bra imprints or panty lines showing, allowing you to feel and appear more confident.

Opt for heels

If you really want to pull off the bodycon dress, then it is best to pair it with heels instead of flats. Flat shoes make you look shorter especially when paired with figure-hugging clothes. So opt for heels to make you look taller and appear slimmer.

You should however remember to go for heel length you are comfortable in. If stilettos and pumps aren’t your thing, you can try wedge. Wearing heels will instantly make you look and feel gorgeous.

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Consider waist cinchers and butt lifters

Based on your body shape, you should consider cinching your waist and wearing a butt lift to make you look stunning in your bodycon dress.

The bodycon dress can emphasize your looks and if you have a big belly or flat buttocks, it will really show in a bodycon dress. So to make your figure look like an hourglass figure, cinch your waist with either a belt or a corset, then wear a butt lifter to enhance your butt.

Highlight your best features

A bodycon dress is a tight dress and will hug your figure, so this is the time to highlight your best features. If your breasts are your best features, go for a bodycon dress that shows off your cleavage.

If you have gorgeous long legs, wear a short bodycon dress with stilettos to show off those legs. Want to show off your gorgeous collarbones? How about a halter neck bodycon or an off-shoulder bodycon dress.

Go for thick fabrics in darker colors

Fabrics that are too thin are too revealing. Buy dresses made of thick materials, especially if you want to wear them to formal events during the day. Also, darker colors are far more flattering than lighter colors and are guaranteed to offer you the confidence boost you need to pull off a bodycon dress.

Minimize accessories

When it comes to bodycon dresses, you have to use minimal accessories as the dress is enough to make you look gorgeous. You don’t need to overuse accessories like jewelry. A simple earring and a delicate bracelet are enough to complete your look.

woman wearing a black bodycon dress

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