5 Ways Your Wedding Could Fall Flat

If you want to ruin a wedding, it isn’t that difficult. Starting with the jilted girl who speaks up when the priest asks if there is anyone who objects to this union, or a drunken brawl at the reception. There are indeed, many things that can quickly turn a great party into something that is best forgotten. If you and your partner are planning to make your union official, here are a few things to avoid at all costs.

things that can ruin your wedding
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1. Choosing the Guests

The classic example is the Irish couple who unwittingly invited people from opposing political standpoints, which was fine until the alcohol flowed. The wedding was talked about for decades as you can imagine. So do make sure that there are no known grievances among your guests. Of course, you cannot guarantee there won’t be friction, but look for obvious connections, which should avoid any troubles among the guests.

There is a list of potential wedding disasters to avoid, which is a recommended reading for all.

2. A Lousy DJ

Probably the most common cause of a wedding party flop. Don’t assume that the DJ knows what he’s doing. Rather, contact Sydney wedding DJ hire that can be found with an online search. Do not leave the DJing to a friend who professes to be good at it. And always remember that the quickest way to ruin a wedding party lies with the entertainment.

3. Under Estimate the Bar Requirements

Let’s face it, we all love to really let go at a wedding. And the very worst thing that could happen is for the bar to run dry after a couple of hours. Seriously, people have been known to vacate to the nearest pub when the booze runs out. So don’t let this happen at your wedding. Of course, using the right venue will take care of this. You could put a specific amount of money behind the bar and when that’s gone, guests buy their own drinks, which is fair. But whatever happens, there must be a supply of alcohol.

4. The Wrong Venue

You might be planning to hold the reception in the garden, which is just about big enough to accommodate your guest list. But make sure the neighbours are all informed (and hopefully invited) as this can be a serious problem with loud music and inconsiderate parking. No one wants problems at a wedding party and by taking everything into account, you are maximising the chances of a trouble-free event.

5. Weather

The glorious climate can be unpredictable, and a heavy storm could turn your party into a mud fiasco. While you cannot guarantee there’ll be no rain on a particular day, you can take precautions by ensuring there is adequate cover, should the heavens open. Obviously, an indoor gig is safe regarding the weather. But an outdoor event demands a plan B, which would include adequate cover for the number of guests.

With all of the above taken into account, your planned wedding reception should be a hit. With professional entertainment and a well-stocked bar, and hopefully goes on until the early hours, giving the bride and groom a great send-off.


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