As a keen gardener, you’ll know that your work in your yard is never over. When you’re pruning your pansies and shearing the shrubbery through the spring and summer months you’re already planning how you’re going to manage the Fall preparations. Getting your growing space ready for the cold air to descend may seem like a big job that just isn’t necessary. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s the most important thing that your garden will need this year.

preparing garden for winter
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The temperature changes that your garden will experience during the winter months mean that you need to do as much preparation as possible so that you can get the best from your garden when the spring rolls round. It doesn’t have to take you long to get your garden fixed up and ready for the winter. But you do need to get it as prepared as you can.

Below, you’ll find six ways to properly winterize your garden.

1. Weeds

Throughout the year, the sprinkler system that you bought at ProIrrigation.com will have been keeping your garden healthy and hydrated. The problem with hydration is that it doesn’t just help your flowers and bushes to grow. The weeds throughout will have also grown. Which then means that you need to cut down all the weeds. Get them up from the root and put down weed killer behind you to slow the growth of more weeds.

how to get your garden ready for winter

2. Beds

The new garden beds that you spent time preparing and growing on are going to be affected by the cold. Especially if you don’t protect the beds with tarp or a garden cloche. This is mostly used for perennial beds rather than vegetable beds. But nonetheless it’s a job that needs doing.

3. Bulbs

This isn’t part of your winter clean up, but it is an important job to do if you want to ensure that you get the bulbs planted before the ground freezes over. Doing this now will mean that they are growing and working under the ground so that they are blooming in the next year.


4. Water

Water is the one thing that is going to help your plants to grow. When you want new ones to grow, you need to give your garden one last drink and then turn off the water for the winter to the outdoor taps. You don’t need busted pipes ruining the holiday season.

5. Coat

Your shrubs and plants need a winter coat. Not one you buy for yourself, but a burlap coat does a great job! This is going to help you to secure your plants so that the frost doesn’t damage them.

6. Extra Mulch

Adding mulch usually happens in the Spring, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add more. If you insulate the ground with mulch and snow, you will keep the ground cold enough so that your plants don’t thaw and prematurely grow.

Winterizing your garden won’t take you a week, but only a few hours can get in that necessary prep.

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