12 Ways To Offer Skills And Help Others

One of the best things you can do in life is to help other people. Whether it’s helping them with a problem they have, helping them grow their business or helping them through a tough time – the satisfaction you get from doing a good deed is incomparable to most feelings.

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Whilst it’s important to earn a living and not let people take your skills for granted, there are ways to share your knowledge and earn money too. You won’t have to take advantage, you won’t have to undersell yourself and most important you won’t have to give away anything for free if you don’t want to.

With that in mind, here are 12 ways to offer your expertise to help others:

– Create Free Worksheets And Resources For People To Use

As mentioned above, you don’t have to give away anything for free if you don’t want to. Although giving away free worksheets and resources may feel as though you’re offering up advice that people could be paying for, this is a great way to get people on your email list and interested in your paid products.

Whether it’s creating a free budgeting spreadsheet or creating a monthly content schedule, those that are struggling in those areas will want to download anything they can to help them. Once they’ve done so, you have the potential to reach out to them with further information. For more information when it comes to opt-ins, you can visit this site here.

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– Sell Ebooks Filled With Your Knowledge

If you have a lot of knowledge to give but don’t know the best medium in which to give it, why not consider creating an ebook? Whilst they can take a long time to craft and put together, an ebook is a perfect way to share your skills and expertise with the world.

With lots of people opting to read things digitally, it’s definitely a great option if you have a younger audience. Plus, an ebook gives you the option to be much more creative with the design.

– If An Ebook Is Too Small, Publish A Book

If you feel an ebook is not the right fit, why not publish a book? Although it can be hard to be published by someone, there are lots of different ways to self publish. With self-publishing, you will have to do your own printing, PR and marketin. But it can often save the trouble of having to find a publisher or agent. For tips and tricks when it comes to self-publishing, you can visit this guide here.

– Create A Course For People Who Want To Be An Expert Just Like You

If you have a lot of advice to give and you feel it will be best laid out into a course, there are lots of different online software that will allow you to do this. Whilst you’ll probably have to put a lot of working into creating your course and advertising it, it can be a low-maintenance way of earning a passive income once it is up and running. If it goes well, you may also want to consider offering courses that take face-to-face.

– Host Workshops And Events

if you find that you’re much better off sharing your advice face-to-face, hosting workshops and events could be a great option. Whether you charge people to attend is completely up to you, but spending a couple of hours talking about your passions and teaching people to be as incredible as you are is never a bad thing.

– Speak At Conferences And Industry Events

Whilst you may find you’re better off speaking face-to-face, you may not have the skills needed to organise your own event. If that’s the case, you always have the option of speaking at conferences and industry events.

Although it may be difficult to start at first, the best thing to do is put yourself forward for as many different speaking opportunities as you can. As you start to be recognised in your industry, the speaking positions will start coming to you before you know it.

– Offer Free Advice To Those In Need

If you want to help and you know that not everyone is in a financial position to receive advice, why not consider offering free advice to those that need it? Whether it’s helping people with legal advice or getting them started in their own business, they will really appreciate the kind gesture.

– Run A Free Webinar That People Can Attend

Another great way to get people on your email list and interested in your products is to run a free webinar that people can attend. This is great for those that have a tried and tested method to share. As a webinar is the perfect set up to show people exactly what they need to do to succeed too. You’ll need to do some advertising in order for people to attend, but once you have a decent amount of people interested the numbers will start to go through the roof – especially if you start hosting them regularly.

– Take Courses To Further Your Own Knowledge (CPR)

If you have been offering advice for a while, it may be time to start furthering your knowledge when it comes to your industry. Whether it means taking a course in CPR to help train your staff or taking a social media course to share with your followers, you should always be aiming to learn from as many people as you can. For more information when it comes to training your staff to do CPR, you can visit this site for BLS CPR Classes near me.

– Offer 1-2-1 Consultanting To Customers

When it comes to offering advice, often you have to charge a premium for the things you know. After all, it wasn’t easy getting to where you got, was it? If this is the case, hosting 1-2-1 consulting sessions may be a perfect idea. Not only will you be able to dedicate a specific amount of time to one person, but you’ll also be able to tailor the advice you give to their business. For this alone, you should be charging more than you do for an ebook or online course.

– Create YouTube Videos Sharing Your Knowledge

A great way to share your knowledge on absolutely any topic is to create YouTube videos. Whether it’s a how-to video or a video where you sit down and give your top tips, video is one of the most popular pieces of content when it comes to social media and is a great way to get your message across.

– Start A Blog Filled With Tips And Tricks

Finally, if you want to start offering advice and you’re unsure where to begin, having a blog may be the best options. Whether you do it as part of your company or start it on the side, blogs are the perfect place to start offering up advice.

Again, starting a blog is something you’ll have to work towards promoting and developing yourself, but the rewards it can provide are definitely worth the hard work you put in. For example, once you become established you will start to earn influencer status in your industry – all of which can lead to exciting speaking opportunities, collaborations and more.

For tips and tricks when it comes to starting your own blog, you can visit this site here.

Do you want to do more to help others? What advice and services can you offer? Let me know in the comments section below.

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