How To Wake Up Happy And Energized

How you feel for the whole day depends on how you spend the first thirty minutes after waking up. Usually, we just wake up and run. Then we have a quick coffee, prepare breakfast and remember how much needs to be done today.

As a result, it’s not morning, but the beginning of stress. It’s no wonder that we wake up already in a bad mood, tired, weak, and without the desire to leave the bed. Perhaps, you need a mindfulness stress reduction to enjoy your favorite things, like flipping through the best dating sites while having a bubble bath.

Do you want to know some tips for stress reduction in the morning? Stay with us and learn everything about stress reduction activities!

6 ways to wake up happy and energized

Don’t get out of bed abruptly

Set your alarm five to ten minutes earlier. You will need this time for the passive muscle morning exercises without getting out of bed. Without opening your eyes, stretch gently and for a long time, as cats do. This exercise can be done in any lying position.

According to stress reduction theory, during stretching, the body produces endorphins – the so-called pleasure hormones that contribute to a good mood. Stretching warms up the muscles and prepares them for vigorous action for the whole day. Exercise and stress reduction are tightly connected. Smile and take 5 deep breaths, and exhalations and for the last two, hold your breath for a few seconds. Blink your eyes at least 50 times.

Stimulate yourself in the evening

Create a morning ritual that will delight you. For example, breakfast in a cafe or a short walk. And then you will start waking up even before the alarm clock. But only if the activity that you assign yourself for the morning will be positive and productive for you.

To achieve living without stress, wake up early in the morning and spend a few minutes outdoors. Observe nature, the morning city, the movement of cars. Fall in love with these moments and learn to feel life. It’ll help you gain energy and begin to fulfill your plan more productively.

Change your alarm

You may think there’s no difference, what sounds to wake up to if you don’t want to wake up at all. However, this is precisely what is important. After a certain time, our brain begins to perceive the alarm signal not as a call to wake up but as a sign of irritation.

As a result, you wake up, and your first emotion is anger. After such a start of the day, you won’t want anything at all. Here is one of the best stress reduction tips. Change the melody and pick gentle ones that wake you up smoothly and without stress.

Have you ever heard of those miracle clocks that chime exactly when your body is easiest to get up? Get yourself one. It doesn’t need to be a real alarm clock. For the first time, an app for a smartphone will be good.

Create a pleasant environment for yourself

Keep your clothes near your bed to help you get out from a warm blanket. Get up, don’t go back to bed, but rather light the aroma candles and let yourself enjoy your morning coffee. After that, ventilate the room to let the fresh air instantly dissipate the traces of sleep.

Come up with a pleasant motivation for getting up. For example, give yourself the instruction that if you get up early, you will have time to make a facial mask or take a hot shower and relax. It is a stress-free zone that you can enjoy.

Hydrate your body

Instead of a cup of coffee in the morning, try drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. But it’s better to drink it warm. So you start cleansing and stimulating the circulatory system and speed up the metabolism. A part of stress reduction strategies is not to rush to breakfast. It’s better to maintain a half-hour pause between drinking water and food.

Due to the content of catechin, black tea improves brain activity and memory function. Catechin is similar in properties to caffeine but provides a long-term alertness effect. Unlike coffee, tea has no alkaloids, so it doesn’t overload the nervous system, increasing the body’s tone.

There is even more caffeine in green tea than in coffee, but its combination with tannin acts softer. The effect appears within half an hour and decreases in the next four to five hours. Green tea can cause pressure surges in some people, so it’s better to drink it after breakfast.

Dream and play

Want stress-reduction tactics? Most of the physical actions turned into a habit automatically, while the brain remains half asleep. Make it work with the rest of your body. Plan a simple task in the morning, make a to-do list before breakfast, or complete a game level in the app. Visualizing the upcoming day in positive colors will help you wake up faster and create additional motivation for movement.


You have probably woken up in the morning with the feeling that you fell asleep just a minute ago and didn’t get enough sleep. Good health after waking up in the morning depends not only on the number of hours of sleep but also on when and how you wake up. By adjusting yourself to the right rhythm without stress in the morning, you will notice that your day will be more successful.

Try our stress reduction techniques and tell us which one you like the most. Please share your experience in the comments below.

About The Author: The author of this article, Ellen Orton, has been interested in psychological relationships for a long time, often attends seminars and training, and practices the acquired knowledge in classes with problem couples. In her free time, she spends time with her family, enjoys modern painting, photographs of people and nature, and also enjoys making various desserts and pastries.


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