The Safest Way to Party: 5 Virtual Party Ideas for Quarantine

People miss so many things right now: going to the movies, attending concerts, dining in restaurants, enjoying Friday and Saturday nights at a bar, and hosting parties for your self or the people you love.

There’s not much that can be done about these activities, but the last – holding a party – is still possible. Here are five tips for organizing a party during this pandemic:

woman with a cocktail and balloons

How to organize a virtual party

1. Invite everyone who wants to join the party through video conference.

Mass gatherings at this time can bring the cops to your doorstep. Even if the city you live in has already eased stay-at-home restrictions, don’t invite people over to your home to party. Doing so can put the health of your family and guests at risk.

Invite your guests to join you for a virtual party through video conferencing instead. Set the time and date, then organize a Zoom conference call.

Alternatively, you can invite people to your virtual party through Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Group FaceTime, or any other app that’s accessible to everyone.

2. Send food to your guests.

Virtual parties work when everyone on the chat is on board with the festivities. Make your guests feel like they are genuinely part of the celebration by sending everyone food that you also have on your table.

You can, for example, order cake slices that are the same flavor as your celebratory cake and send them to your guests on the day of the party.

When it’s time to blow the candles or slice the cake, everyone can join in and eat together even if you’re not physically in the same room.

3. Create a wishlist of presents that are easy to buy and send.

Make it easy for others to find gifts for you by sharing a gift registry. Choose items that people can buy online and have delivered to your doorstep.

Now’s also a good time to ask for cash or credit gifts, like Amazon eGift cards, e-vouchers to your favorite online and brick-and-mortar stores, credits to buy a League of Legends silver account, or gift cards for music, TV, and moving streaming platforms.

4. Organize activities and games.

To make your virtual party more enjoyable, organize some activities that people can participate in while on a conference call.

For instance, you can challenge your guests to a karaoke sing-off. Have the guests choose a song to perform, and everyone else can vote on their favorite performances. You can also do a proper karaoke contest on Zoom if you’re using this app for your virtual party.

Other games you can play are online UNO, trivia games, charades, and a TikTok dance challenge competition. Family-friendly games are the best when your guests include kids, teens, and adults.

5. End the evening with cocktails.

The best part about virtual parties during lockdown is you can drink without worrying about having to drive home afterward.

When the party winds down and the kids and the elderly have gone to bed, you can stay in the conference call with your friends while sipping wine or cocktails.

It’s a great way to relax, take a breather, and ask how everyone is doing during this challenging period. Pretty soon, you wouldn’t notice that you’re talking to one another through phone or computer screens.

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically restricted our ability to celebrate milestones and special occasions.

Most of us are not free to celebrate the way we want to, but there are ways to make these events as happy and memorable as the ones that came before the pandemic. Start with these tips.


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