Kids Spell Love As T-I-M-E: Valuing Your Time With Your Kids

When it comes to feeling loved, kids generally spell love as T-I-M-E. Nothing is more precious to them than the time their parents spend with them.

And as parents, as much as we want to spend every moment with them, it just doesn’t work that way. Our responsibilities as adults take up a lot of our time, time that we also want to spend with our children.

Time Flies

Most parents will probably agree that the days are long when you have children, especially when you think about all the things you have to do in raising kids.

Fixing meals for them, taking them to school and back, helping with their homework, playing and goofing around with them, and more all add up to our already packed schedules filled with our duties as spouses, homeowners, and providers for the family.

Just imagine you’re a real estate agent and you have to strategize for your listing for homes for sale fast and yet, you also need to go to the grocery for some essentials, pick up your kids from school, go home to prepare dinner, and go back to strategizing for work.

Realistically, it’s hard to juggle all our responsibilities and not be overwhelmed by everything.

When we get overwhelmed, we tend to cut corners and make compromises in certain areas of our lives. Most of the time, the ones that suffer are our children.

Our time with them is compromised because we can easily justify that everything we’re doing is for their welfare. We say we need to prioritize work to give them a good life.

We say we need to get work done around the house so that they can live comfortably. We rationalize that everything we do is important because it affects their lives as well so we just say sorry to them and ask them to understand.

And this pattern goes on for years and years. Until it gets to the point that one day you’ll be surprised they’re all grown up and are ready to move on to the next season of their lives and live independently.

Then you ask yourself, “Where did the time go?”

Because of this, we miss out on a lot of opportunities to spend time with them, nurture them, encourage them, guide them, correct them, enjoy life with them, pray with them, and know them. But by the time we realize it, it’s already too late. They have already moved on.

As parents, it is important that we learn to manage our time well enough to fulfill all of our obligations in and out of our homes, including spending time with our spouse and children.

While work is an important aspect of our lives for it is from our jobs that we get the means to support our families and provide for them, our jobs should never take priority over our families.

While it is also important to maintain an orderly household, it is not as important as making time for those who live inside your house.

Don’t buy the lie that the fast-paced life sells that where time with family is concerned, quality is more important than quantity. Both are equally important, especially for children.

Because the truth is, you don’t have much time with them. The window that you are given to mold them and help them become the best versions of themselves is very limited and you can only do that if you intentionally set aside quality and quantity time with them.

Don’t let the routine take away the precious moments you can have with your children. When it comes to kids, the days may be long but the years fly by.



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