4 Upgrades Your Bathroom Needs To Be On Trend

There is nothing more exciting than planning a renovation in the home. Being able to take what you already have and love and upgrade it to make it sleeker, smoother and more efficient for your family is just so satisfying, isn’t it? If you’re the type of person who loves to be on trend, then you know that getting your head into what’s on point for 2018 is important if you want your upgrades to work!

There is one room that is often neglected in the home, and that’s the bathroom. It’s the smallest room for most people but it’s also one that is constantly used. Everyone in the house will use the bathroom every day more than once. So why not have it look as beautiful as possible? It’s not just about the colour scheme. It’s the fittings and fixtures that you can choose to make the whole room look trendy.

When you choose to update your bathroom, you’re choosing to be current with the interior design industry and going backwards just won’t do. Giving your bathroom a luxury touch is so important to add value to your house and to make you feel good about the choices that you’ve made for it. So, what upgrades can make you feel good about your bathroom?

4 bathroom upgrades to be on trend in 2018

The Standalone Bath.

If there is one trend in 2018 that is really making an impact, it’s the standalone bath. It’s a luxury item to have in the home and it’s a part of a contemporary theme for the bathroom. There are so many standalone choices that you can research, such as these. But you can give your bathroom a luxury makeover just by having your bath in the centre of the room.

standalone bath tub

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The Natural Look.

One of the trends for 2018 that are really resonating with those who want to add value to their home is the natural look. Natural materials like wood veneers and timber are going to transform the way that your bathroom feels. Pale wood planks make the whole room look modern, smart and trendy all at the same time.

bathroom upgrade ideas

The Wet Room.

Having a wet room installed in the home instead of a bathroom can make your bathroom look pretty plain. However, when you install glass shower walls and recessed walls you can really add style and character to your house.

The Right Contrast.

A black and white theme for your bathroom is the best way to have your bathroom looking trendy. You can add value to your home with monochrome, which allows you to attract buyers and add a ton of light without sacrificing the space that you are using. Using lighter walls and a dark floor can enlarge the room, which is an illusion that you want this year.

black and white bathroom decor

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There are many rooms of the home that deserve an upgrade but ensure that your bathroom is a part of that decor. It’s a space that you should feel proud of, no matter the size of it.

bathroom decor ideas

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