6 Updos To Rock During Spring Break

With spring break right around the corner, you’ve probably been making plans on how to spend your week. Maybe you’re going to the beach with your friends or heading overseas for the trip of a lifetime.

However you’re choosing to spend your spring break, we’ve got some selfie-worthy weave updos you’ll love. And the best part is that these updos are easy, whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro. Check them out below!

Updos to rock in spring

The Jumbo Braid Ponytail

This isn’t your average ponytail. The jumbo braid ponytail gives casual and glam and can be worn multiple ways. Let your jumbo ponytail hang down your back or swoop the hair over one shoulder for an elegant night-out look.

 If you want to go for a royal style that’s truly fit for a queen, wrap the ponytail on top of your head and add a hair accessory or two.

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Clip-in Updo

This is another style that can be quick and versatile. There are so many texture options available including ringlets, corkscrew afro, kinky-straight, or wavy.

You can do a ponytail on top of the head and use the remaining clip-ins for bangs. Accessorize by tying a scarf around your head or using jeweled clips or faux pearl barrettes.

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The Mohawk

If you want to go beyond the “traditional” updo and really make a statement, this is the one. Mohawks are fun and funky, perfect for spring break festivals, beach parties, and more.

You can do a curly mohawk, try the braided mohawk using braiding hair, or go for the “puffhawk” with several smaller afro puffs. You can style these updos messy or tame, depending on your mood, outfit, and personality. Either way, this updo will turn heads.

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updos to rock
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The Bun

The bun will never go out of style because we keep finding ways to put a twist on the old classic. If you haven’t tried some of these yet, here’s your chance.

I would like to add that a lot of Black women think they can’t pull off the popular messy bun and the only way a bun can look right on us is if it’s sleek perfection, but I disagree. A messy bun looks great with more textured hair such as kinky-straight, or beach wave hair.

There’s the sleek top bun, ballerina bun, side swoop bun, which we see a lot of celebrities wearing on the red carpet. You can also do a low and loose curl bun, perfect for some fun in the sun. 

Image source – hair_bunlover85

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updos to rock
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Space Buns

This hairstyle looks so elegant with faux locs. You could also try pulling your hair into afro puffs for a touch of sass. Try using kinky-straight weave for a relaxed look. Or go with tried-and-true Remy hair for a sleeker look.

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updos to rock
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Instant Bun with Bangs

If you would rather not deal with clip-ins, ponytails, or are still learning the difference between quick weave and sew-in, this is a great option for you. Instant buns are cute and sassy updos that are ready to install out of the box.

For something extra quick and versatile, pick up an instant bun with bangs so you don’t have to stress about your edges.

Spring break is right around the corner. Which of these spring break updos will you try? Leave us a reply and let us know below!

updos to rock
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updos to rock
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