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Kayla turns two next month, how time flies. Seems like just yesterday that she was a baby and now she’s all grown and running up and down. It is quite breathtaking watching them grow and I am so happy to be home for my kids. Because I get to be there for every milestone and watch them grow.

Growing up happens so fast and very soon they wouldn’t be kids anymore. Parenting can be very tiring but fun and you will wake up one day and your kids won’t be kids anymore. That is why it is good to keep a memory book for your baby. This way you can go through them even with your grandkids and relive all these moments some day.

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So I thought before Kayla turns two I should share my experience with two kids under two years, who aren’t twins by the way. My daughter was only 6 months old when I found out I was one month pregnant. Words cant explain how happy that made me. I honestly didn’t think of it being too soon or how it was going to affect me.


life with two under two

People’s reaction to the news

Growing up alone as the only child of my mum, I always wished I had a sister or a brother to grow up with. So finding out I was going to have a second baby meant my daughter was going to have something I’ve always wanted. So that made me really happy. My husband was so excited when he heard the news too. And that made me more happy.

But I told my mum, and she said “Why? This is too soon. Your daughter is still very young. You just had a baby and although you seem fine, you aren’t that fine”. My mom told me every woman needs at least one year to fully recover from childbirth before they can be fit to have another baby. So she was scared for my health. She also expressed concern for the fact that I had a baby and it was going to be very difficult being pregnant and taking care of a baby.


life with 2 under 2


I told her not to worry because I was fine and I would be going for a doctor’s appointment soon so the doctor will be the one to say if there should be any concern for my health or not. And also, as a christian, I believed that God will see me through this pregnancy just as he did the first time.

She wasn’t the only one though. My friends asked. Was it a mistake? Why so soon? No, it wasn’t a mistake but it wasn’t planned either but we are happy it did. Honestly, I didn’t care what anyone else had to say. Except for my husband and my doctor. And my husband was so happy about this. So why should what people think bother me? Also, I went to the hospital and my doctor didn’t see any problem with it. So there was no need to worry about anything else.

two under two, when does it get easier?

My experience with pregnancy whiles taking care of a baby

Now from the 7th week when the morning sickness and fatigue started kicking in, that was when I realised why everyone thought it was too soon. I would be lying if I told you going through the first trimester was easy with a baby. Surviving the first trimester with a baby was difficult. But with time I got the hang of it.

Also, for everything there’s a positive side. Kayla still being a baby meant I had to carry her back and forth and that was more like an exercise for me. So it was a great way to keep fit whiles pregnant.
One other thing was that I couldn’t go for doctor’s appointments alone because I always needed someone to carry the baby when I was going for a scan or something else. And my husband and my mum were always happy to go with me.


Also, for the longest time people couldn’t tell if I was pregnant. Most people just assumed my tummy got big after having a baby and I didn’t work on it. Especially because I took Kayla with me everywhere I went. It wasn’t until the 7th month that people actually realised I was pregnant.

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After the baby was born

Kayla was only a year and two months old when I gave birth. She was still too young so she didn’t need any explanations as to why mummy’s tummy isn’t huge any more and why there is a baby at home. She was just excited to see a baby at home. It was like she had her very own live doll. She wanted to hold her, touch her face, poke her eye. It was funny.

She was asleep throughout my labour and delivery because I had the baby at dawn. So she woke up in the morning and there was a baby. She just wanted to hold the baby and she couldn’t stop smiling. Which came at a shock to us all, because Kayla was never happy to meet other kids. Any time you got a kid close to her, she would really cry. But with her baby sister it was different. It was like she immediately knew she was her friend.

Kayla started walking exactly a week after her birthday. So when I had the baby, she was walking. So that part was easy. I didn’t have to carry her around because she could just walk by herself. Also, it wasn’t hard having to wake up in the middle of the night because I was already doing that with Kayla.


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It is so fun watching them grow together. Kayla always trying to make the baby laugh. Playing hide and seek with her and trying to feed her. And I don’t know why but any time the baby cries because something happened to her (example when she falls) Kayla cries too and I think that is so cute.

What I think about having two kids under two years

What I can say about having two kids under two years is that it is exciting, tiring but exciting. The toughest part for me was surviving the first trimester with a baby. And after this, hats off to all the twin moms out there. But in all, I am really happy that this happened. Although that meant I was pregnant for 3 consecutive years and that is 2016, 2017 and 2018. But now watching my two girls together, I am so happy.

Even though we are happy about our two under two, we aren’t ready for three under three. So for now we are going to wait until the baby is older and even walking before we try for a third baby.





  1. October 6, 2018 / 11:26 pm

    They are so precious!! When I was a kid I wished I was an only child. I am one of five kids! Isnt that funny? Haha. They are such beautiful babies

    • wends
      October 8, 2018 / 3:57 pm

      Lol…I totally understand why you would want that.

  2. October 9, 2018 / 9:04 am

    Aww, your girls are adorable! They look so alike.
    They’re so blessed to have each other. My daughter is an only child and for a long time longed for a sibling, although she’s very happy and at 17 now appreciates the different kind of bond as an only child she has with her me.
    I can imagine your two little ones in matching outfits. I have a brand specialising in Ankara styles for babies, toddlers and kids. Please do get in touch if you would like to collab.
    All the very best!

    • wends
      October 9, 2018 / 8:21 pm

      Oh yeah, nothing can compare to the bond between an only child and her parent. People always say to my mum, they’ve never seen a mum and daughter so close like us.
      I will surely get in touch for that collab.

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