9 Genius Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Using Dye

Sick of all the hassle, stress, and cost that goes into dying your hair, either at home or at the salon, but still desperate for a new look? Just keep reading to discover multiple ways of transforming your hair without ever needing to go near a dye. 

9 Genius Ways To Transform Your Hair Without Using Dye
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Master an impressive hairstyle 

There is nothing that will revolutionize your look, and get the compliment pouring in quicker than mastering a hairstyle that looks impressive. The good news is that you don’t need to be an award-winning hairstylist to do this.

Instead, your best bet is to head on over to social media platforms like Pinterest and Tik Tok and look for styles that you like. Video tutorials are the best as they are easiest to follow, although a step-by-step photo guide is a close second choice.

One of the best and easiest styles I’ve found there is the scarf twist. All you need do is to part your hair down the middle and add ties just like you would for bunches. Then thread a scarf through the back of the bunches on each side.

After that, twist each bunch of hair around the scarf and finish with an invisible hair tie. Then tie the two sides together on the top of your head in the way you would for a milkmaid braid and voila! Couldn’t be easier and looks amazing! 

Try a hair topper 

Another great option that will transform your hair without ever having to go near a bottle of dye is to try a hair topper. Hair toppers are a bit like wigs but smaller and designed to cover or add volume to a specific area of your hair. The main benefit of using a hair topper is to hide areas of thinning hair or provide much-needed volume for specific styles. 

There is a huge range of different types, and you can find out more about the type that will suit you in posts like this detailed guide Hair Toppers: What Are They and 14 of the Best Styles to Try which includes info on all the different styles, Something that makes choosing the right hair topper for your needs a great deal easier. 

Change your parting 

It’s hard to grasp that doing something so simple could make such a huge effect, but swapping the positioning of where you part your hair can make a massive difference to your look. Indeed, swapping from a central parting to a side parting can often help add volume to your hairstyle and as well as reinvigorate your look. 

The key to choosing the best type of parting for you is to work with the structure of your natural hair. For example, if you have a cowlick at the front a side parting will cover it, while the cowlick supports the rest of your style and adds extra volume. 

Give the curly girl method a go 

You can also completely transform your hair simply by trying the curly girl method. For those that have not heard of this, the curly girl method uses specific styling products and techniques to encourage the natural wave or curl that many of us have in our hair. 

Indeed, the mind-blowing thing about this method is that many people that were convinced that they have always had straight hair, actually have natural curls or waves.

This is because many of the most popular styling products like shampoos and conditions contain silicon which is designed to straighten and smooth the hair. However, by ditching these products and switching to ones that are curly girl approved it’s possible to encourage the natural curl instead. 

If you would like to try this method for yourself, look out for curly girl-approved products, and make sure you educate yourself on styling techniques such as ‘squish to condish, plopping and micro plopping and ‘pineappling’.

Invest in a new styling tool

Investing in a new styling tool is another wonderful way to transform your look without having to dye your hair. There are plenty on the market to choose from as well including ones that curl and ones that straighten. You can even get mini tools which are ideal for travel, or if you have a shorter haircut but still want to curl or straighten your do. 

Of course, most tools require a bit of practice to master their use, although there are some automatic curling tools out there now that only need you to place your hair in the right position and the device will do the rest. 

Use a volumizing product 

Big texture is a massive trend right now, and one of the best ways to get it is to use a volumizing product. Such products come in a range of various forms, the first of which is volumizing powder. Such powders aim to bond with the hair shaft adding extra surface area and so extra volume to your locks.

The great thing about volumizing powder is that you can use it in just about all styles, lengths and types of hair. Just be careful that it is fully absorbed and does not leave any white residue. 

Another great volumizing product that will transform the look of your hair is sea salt spray. Sea Salt spray is designed to replicate the effect of a day at the beach, exposing your hair to the ocean. It does this by adding texture and volume and encouraging natural curls and waves. The best thing about sea salt spray is that you can easily make your own at home for almost no money at all. All you need is some sea salt, some water and a spray bottle. 

Intensely moisturize your hair 

Sometimes we can transform the way our hair looks, not by cutting or styling it, but by caring for it. Yes, I’m talking about intensive conditioning treatments and the miracle they can work on tired, over-treated, and over-styled hair. 

Such treatments are easy to apply as well, as in most cases it’s as simple as smothering your hair with product from top to bottom and then leaving it for the stated time. Protein repair treatments are different though as they often require the hair to be covered and the application of heat. 

Treat yourself to a new cut 

One of the most obvious ways to transform your locks is to get a haircut. Now, you may be tempted to just trim, but if you want that wow factor that an entirely new style is a much better idea. 

Where possible go for maximum drama by changing from long to short, or smooth to textured. New Hairstyles you might like to try that are trending right now include the wolf cut which is a shaggy layered cut with a heavy fringe, shorter textured pixie cuts, and long bobs. 

Give yourself a blowout 

If you’d like to revolutionize your look, but getting a cut is too extreme, why not give yourself a blowout? A blowout is a technique used by professional hairdressers to blow dry hair giving it volume while still maintaining smoothness. 

Happily, it is possible to achieve this look at home with a hair dryer that has a directional nozzle and a large metal barrelled brush. Just follow the tutorial that you can see below. 

However, if you haven’t got the time or patience to perfect the traditional blowout technique, you can try a hot brush instead. A hot brush is a combination of a wide-barrelled metal brush and a hair dryer that dries as it styles. It’s a great deal easier to use too and you can get a very professional finish that will elevate your hairstyle effortlessly. 


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