10 Tools To Make Home Cleaning Easier

Whilst there are some people out there that enjoy cleaning, most of us find it a laborious task. Anything that can get the job done faster and simpler is welcomed.

Here are just ten tools that can take the elbow grease out of cleaning and make it a less grueling task. These tools are available at a one stop shop for all your online cleaning products needs.

10 Tools To Make Home Cleaning Easier - microfiber cloth
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10 Tools To Make Home Cleaning Easier

1. Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are made of synthetic material with tiny fibers that make them excellent for picking up dirt and dust. They cost more than regular cloths, but for their added scrub factor they’re worth it.

These cloths often come in packs and can be bought from your local home store. You can also buy microfiber glass towels for cleaning windows and microfiber absorbent cloths for managing spillages.

2. Spin mop

 When it comes to mopping like a pro, spin mops are an essential tool worth buying for your home. Unlike regular mops, these mops have a spin mechanism that makes wringing less physically exertive.

You’re best using online comparison guides to help you find the best spin mop. Some mops have microfiber heads for more effective cleaning and telescopic handles allowing you to adjust the mop to your height.

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3. Cordless vacuum cleaner

 When it comes to vacuuming the house, one of the biggest nuisances can be the cable. You may have to use multiple plug points or you may have to maneuver the cable around furniture just to get into certain hard-to-reach corners.

Cordless vacuum cleaners can eliminate this frustration – without having to constantly negotiate the cable, you can hoover the house more quickly and efficiently. They can also be used to hoover your car more easily (many are handheld and can also be used up a ladder when reaching cobwebs on high ceilings). It’s worth shopping around to compare factors such as battery life, weight, and cost.

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4. Carpet cleaning machine

 Stains in carpets can often be difficult to remove. This is when a carpet cleaning machine is handy to have. These machines soak your carpets with water and cleaning fluid which brings all the dirt to the surface – they then vacuum this dirt out leaving your carpets looking clean and new.

Carpet cleaning machines can be expensive, and you may find that you don’t get that much use out of them. For this reason, you may find it better to hire these tools from an equipment hire company when you need them.

5. Spin-scrubber

 Scrubbing machines can take the elbow grease out of scrubbing. Whilst industrial scrubbers can be effective at getting rid of marks on floors, these machines are often expensive and bulky.

Handheld spin-scrubbers are much better suited for home use – they’re compact and they’re cheap. Such scrubbers can be excellent for taking the labor out of bathroom cleaning and helping to remove stains from wall tiles and limescale build-ups from sinks and bathtubs.

Many of these scrubbers don’t even require you to use a chemical cleaning agent – the spinning action is usually enough to clean dirt off of surfaces making them very economical tools to own.

6. Steam cleaners

 Another great tool for shifting dirt and grime, steam cleaners are pricier than spin scrubbers but more versatile. They can be used to remove grease from kitchen flooring or dirt from bathroom tiles, using hot steam and water to remove dirt.

Like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners come with a multitude of attachments for different types of cleaning, from large vacuum-like heads for floors to small tubes for tiles walls, and bathroom fixtures. As with other cleaning tools, it’s best to shop around to find the most effective steam cleaner for your budget.

7. Window cleaning kit

 To make window cleaning easier, it could also be worth buying some professional tools. You can buy a window cleaning kit online including window wipers and washer applicators.

These can allow you to clean your windows like a professional. There are also extendable wipers for reaching high windows without having to use a ladder.

8. Ultrasonic cleaner

 Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to sterilize many small loose items. Using ultrasound technology and water (sometimes with a cleaning solution also), they can cleanse these items of bacteria in thirty minutes.

This can be much quicker than leaving these items in a cleaning solution overnight. When it comes to home use, they’re most often used to clean jewelry, glasses, and dentures.

However, it’s possible to get creative with them and use them to clean all kinds of hard-to-clean items from sieves to CDs to DIY tools to kids’ toys. Ultrasonic cleaners can be expensive, but they’re worth the versatility that you can get out of them.

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9. Pressure washer

 When it comes to outdoor cleaning, a pressure washer is a handy tool that every homeowner should have. These tools use a pressurized jet of water to clean off dirt and are excellent for making patio slabs and decking look brand-new again.

Some pressure washers may even have a light setting that makes them excellent for cleaning your car. Like carpet cleaning machines, the average person might not get much use out of owning a pressure washer, however, they can be great tools to hire when you’re having a backyard/driveway spring clean.

10. Cleaning robots

The idea of robots cleaning our homes was once a futuristic vision, but now it’s a reality. The most famous type of household robot is the robot vacuum cleaner – this small disc-like robot travels around your floor hoovering up as it goes.

Such hoovers are able to detect dirt and stains, spending more time and focus cleaning these areas. These robots can also detect objects in front of them allowing them to navigate any new space on their own.

Vacuum robots are much more affordable than they once were, however, you should weigh up several factors before buying one including the battery life and reliability. (You can use online reviews for this). You can also buy robots to handle window cleaning and floor scrubbing.


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