8 Essential Tips For Moving Day

When you are planning a move, there is a lot of preparation required before D-day. You should have a working plan to execute this day successfully. What that means is; you need to have a concrete process to guide you from packing everything to later unpacking and organizing everything once you have arrived at your destination.

During the moving day itself, you need to be very calm since it can be very overwhelming at times, even for the best planners. Below are some of the essential tips to guide you through your moving day.

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8 tips for moving day

Make a to-do checklist

Have a running list of events on this important day. Making a good labeled first apartment checklist will make things very easy for you. It will ensure nothing is left behind when the moving truck finally arrives.

For instance, you can include the following in your to-do list.

  • Take out the trash
  • Empty the fridge or the freezer
  • Clear off the shower, among other things. .

Have management for both pets and kids early in the morning

Having to deal with kids or pets on a moving day can complicate everything entirely. It can also expose them to danger as they continue to loiter around the house.

Ideally, have a plan for the little ones before the date the full day arrives so that you can focus on other important matters that need to get done.

If you find it impossible to find a plan for them before the moving day, then ensure that they sit somewhere and get busy with activities such as playing with toys, tablets, etc., to occupy their minds.

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Get essential moving bags

These are also referred to as go-bag. They can come in the form of bags or a suitcase to pack up everything you know you might need later in your new house. Also, these bags can be used to store essential documents and valuables that you don’t want to put in the truck.

Having reliable and spacious luggage is essential to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition. Eminent, Samsonite, and Rimowa are renowned luggage brands, that offer a fantastic solution with their extra-large luggage range. 

Extra large luggage by Eminent will accommodate all your belongings securely as these suitcases come equipped with durable wheels, sturdy handles, and reinforced shells to withstand the rigors of moving.

With ample space and smart organizing features, the packing and unpacking process will become less stressful. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, a durable extra-large suitcase is a valuable companion, streamlining your moving process and safeguarding your precious possessions in style.

Acquire them in advance to avoid any inconvenience during the moving day. You should include items that you know you might lose and those you will need immediately to get to the new place.

Have cash with you

Having enough cash in hand is very important on this day. You might have hired professional movers, but other small matters will require you to have some hard cash to sort them out.

For instance, you might need to tip every party involved in the moving activity. As much as their respective companies pay the movers, they might require appreciation because of their diligent service. You may be compelled to tip them. You can’t tip them using a check or credit card, so having cash in hand will be necessary.

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Move during weekends

Moving during the week will only make you stressed out and too tired to work after the activity. It is advisable to request a day off from work on a day like Friday, then move over the weekend. It will give you ample time to relocate, get organized, and show up to work when you need to without feeling too tired.

Take care of your electronics

You should ensure that you unplug any electronic appliances and devices that you will be moving with properly. If the wiring needs to be removed professionally, call a professional. Avoid doing the task yourself.

A professional will ensure that there is no damage to the appliances. If there is a need to label the boxes, make sure you do so before moving. (for instance, if they do not have a plan for your appliances that can get damaged easily).

Get enough rest

Moving day is always going to be hectic, so getting enough sleep is crucial. Do not pack until too late into the night the day before you move. If you have any items you need to finish off packing, it is advisable to set the alarm for early the next morning and get the job done.

Ensure that you also eat a sufficient meal before embarking on your move to avoid getting burnout during the process. Moving can be stressful, and staying hungry can cause even more stress.

Confirm the date with the moving company

Calling the moving company to confirm all the details on the day before the move will save you from getting stressed. Most moving companies have customer service where you can call to confirm all the details of the move.

It will help in reducing the anxiety you may experience on the morning of moving day. You can also make any minor last-minute changes if the moving company allows it.

Following these tips will enable you to have a less stressful move. Remember to make a final walkthrough of your previous house so that you can be certain that no items were left during the packing.


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  1. May 17, 2021 / 5:12 am

    Your tips about taking proper care of electronics and how to safely label them for transportation really helped me out. Wiring is one factor of it that I especially need help with since I’m not too knowledgeable about those kinds of things but I need the equipment to be usable as soon as I relocate so I can continue working remotely. I’ll hire a professional moving service for sure so I can avoid any trouble with these devices.

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