Chronic pain is a complex health issue that has affected millions of people across the world. There are several misconceptions in both mainstream medical communities as well as in the general public regarding the different avenues of healing chronic pain and the primary fundamentals of such a disease.


What is chronic pain?

The most common definition is that it is a pain from an injury or illness that can last longer than the expected frame of time whether it is six weeks or six months. It can also include persistent pain for a primary condition such as cancer, autoimmune conditions or other disorders.

Additionally, there are some pain conditions that are given medical terms. Such as, fibromyalgia; that is essentially continuous musculoskeletal pain that is not necessarily due to some injury.

At the core, there are 2 basic components: the physical sensations that are experienced in the body, and emotional response to those sensations. The emotional response determines how long one has to endure the pain and in the case of healing chronic pain that is not the by-product of some injury, patterns can be discovered to make relaxation easier.

How is chronic pain diagnosed?

Chronic pain is strangely connected to emotional components and thus diagnosis is difficult with machines that can measure only physical well-being. The emotional curve of a patient becomes the prognosis of the pain and thus the mind plays an important role in the process. An integrated process  can help in healing the whole person including the mind, body and spirit. The focus is on getting to the core of the pain.

how to heal chronic pain

The following technique can help in healing chronic pain:


Pick a corner at home that is peaceful, and you will be able to spend a considerable amount of time undisturbed. Practising in the same place will help generate energy around the place.

Time of the day:

Any time of the day can be selected but most people prefer early mornings or late nights.


Begin with smaller amounts of time and keep increasing the duration.

Regularity and consistency

Be consistent with your approach and stay regular in your practice. This is the time that is completely dedicated to you and so you should utilize it with your full potential.

No judgment:

Do not think of external factors and keep absorbing all kinds of knowledge about the practice.

The following guide can help elevate healing chronic pain:

  • Observe and respond: You should be able to observe your situation and the body, as deeply as possible; only through this process can you understand its true nature. This helps in responding more accurately to your body’s needs.
  • Centre yourself: the parasympathetic nerves are awakened and allow your body to transform into a healing state. During this process, the primary focus should be on centering your joints so that muscular tension that might contribute to the pain can release easily.
  • Respond, refine and adapt: you can keep refining every step by continuing to gain insights and feel into the nature of pain. It is noticed that the body changes gradually through the process of healing chronic pain.
  • Kung Fu commitment: exploring your body and the process of healing chronic pain can help in exploring your own body. Slowly you will realize that as long as you are breathing, the body keeps healing internally.

Since healing of chronic pain requires a holistic approach, care must be taken that only medication cannot satisfy all the check boxes. Self-belief is essential and the body needs time to rearrange its knots. Physical exercise and medication along with the above stated steps can make recovery speedy.


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