Things to Consider Before Buying Colour Photocopier Machine

things to know before buying a colour photocopier machine

The impact of the photocopies on different professional aspects has become undeniable and remarkable. The photocopiers play a vital role in documentation and managing the office paper works.

The photocopies can also save time by allowing you to get a bunch of same documents in a few seconds. The advancement of these machines is bringing new benefits in the workplaces.

The colour photocopiers are now invented to meet different purposes of the consumers as well. The ordinary photocopiers are not able to copy the colour pages and you need to choose the best quality colour photocopiers in this regard.

Buying Guide for Colour Photocopiers:

The colour photocopiers are able to deliver you the best quality images, rich graphics and prominent visual effect. These machines are equipped with numerous modern features that are given below. You should check them before investing in one.

Quality of the image

The image resolution and its quality should be checked when you are buying the colour photocopier. The image quality of the colour photocopier should be high in quality and appropriate for your business purpose. The lower image quality may harm your production.


Today, you can find some colour photocopiers that available with scanning facility, and you do not need to buy any additional scanning machine for your office. 

The sensor of the scanner in the device takes the image of the document that you place in it. The capability of the image scanner should be enough to capture the image in a good pixel. If it takes the image properly, then it can also reproduce it on a hardcopy in an easy manner.

The system should be easy to handle. Apart from that, you should check the speed or time taking by each scanning because for your commercial works you need a faster scanner along with copier.


The printer of the colour photocopier should be good in quality. It should have a higher density of dots per inch to print the documents prominently. These printers come with different capabilities to serve your purpose, and you should check the capability of the printer before buying so that it can deliver you the desired output.

Page Yield

The page yield means that capability of the printer to print before switching the cartridge. The ability of the page yield differs depending on the ability of the printer. You should check it according to your need and then invest in one.

Apart from that, you must check the printing cost of such colour photocopiers because for your bulk printing, you need a cheaper printing solution.  

Printing volume

The volume of the printer determines its overall capability to print the pages efficiently. The larger amount of printing capability of the colour photocopier can help you to understand where to use it.

If you are searching one for the commercial purpose, then it is better to opt for one which has a greater printing volume. The greater printing volume will allow you to print a larger number of pages in a short period.

Speed of printing

The printing speed of the colour photocopier also matters when you are using it at a commercial place. The highest speed of the printer is to print 30 pages per minute. In the market, you will get the printers that can print 22 pages per minute. So, you can compare such features and choose the best colour photocopiers according to your needs.

Apart from these mentioned features, you will get more features and functions in the colour photocopiers, and you can also use them for your cloud printing. You need to check all the features and their uses to get a beneficial result from the device.

colour photocopier machine

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