The Shake Up And Hyaluronic Fillers

hyaluronic acid fillers for anti ageing

There’s been a recent shake-up in aesthetic injectables and how they are provided. Will it affect you?

Under UK law as it stands, injectables are defined as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that cover all hyaluronic fillers, Botox treatments, and chemical skin peels.

Minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures do not require any medical training or proven experience to carry out, that’s why they are so commonly seen in beauticians, hairdressers, and spas. With a wide variety of quality and competence depending on which practitioner you see and where you have them performed.

But what has led to patients seeking out their cosmetic procedures in dental clinics? Can those trained in oral matters provide lip fillers Kent?

What patients are inadvertently giving more credence to is the strict regulation that occurs within the dental industry, in order to safely receive injectables that could have been obtained from other sources. Dental teams are able to offer reputable products that are sourced responsibly.

Also, reputable cosmetic treatment providers have their own standards and reputation to consider, but this has not stopped less ethical vendors from providing cosmetic treatments to those who are vulnerable or under the age of 18.

Such legislation has resulted in The Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act becoming law on the 1st of October 2021. This bans the cosmetic use of Botox and all fillers on those beneath the age of 18.

hyaluronic fillers for lips

They can still be used for clinical reasons but only administered by a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. The sentencing guidelines have been set at criminal prosecution and an unlimited fine.

For any reputable provider, this piece of legislation is entirely irrelevant. As the administering of cosmetic techniques to such young patients was never part of standard practice.

The goals are to stop the predatory behavior of unethical providers in exploiting the anxieties of young people in their attempt to maintain an aesthetic appearance that borders on the impossible, which has been fuelled by social media and feelings of inadequacy.

Will there be more legislation?

Quite possibly; the hands-off approach to these cosmetic procedures has resulted in several horror stories as well as an increase in the use of counterfeit medications, alongside many small providers of injectables sourcing their own products or buying them directly online.

There are growing pressure groups like save face that are trying to increase the culpability of practitioners. It seems likely that over time, there will be other pieces of legislation, but any reputable and medically trained provider is likely to only see the benefits of these legislations rather than having restrictions imposed upon them.

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In brief

It is important to reiterate that all injectables are extremely safe; this is why they are considered minimally invasive and could be administered by anybody.

It was the predatory marketing behavior, targeting vulnerable individuals that had to be legislated against and not the products themselves. From a competent and responsible provider, injectables can be an excellent temporary way to significantly improve your appearance and reach your cosmetic goals.

Aesthetic Clinic also has excellent potential in rejuvenation treatments and minimizing the signs of ageing, and there is no attempt to restrict adults in their use of injectable cosmetics.

The Shake Up And Hyaluronic Fillers

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