20 Best Thanksgiving Cookies Decorating Ideas

One of the best things about Thanksgiving Day is gathering with friends to wine and dine. And there is always more than enough for everybody to eat on Thanksgiving Day.

The delicious thanksgiving dinners including the turkey, the cranberry sauce, and other meals that are served all make the day a happy one.

But aside from the thanksgiving meals, having some snacks available at home is also vital. So for snacks, you can make your family some delicious thanksgiving cookies.

And since it’s Thanksgiving Day, you can make the cookies more special by decorating it to symbolize the occasion. So below we’ll share some thanksgiving cookies decorating ideas you can try.

Thanksgiving cookies decorating ideas

Since Thanksgiving is in fall, you can decorate the cookies with things that have to do with the fall season. This includes using fall colors like brown and orange and also cutting the cookies in the shapes of leaves.

You can also try cutting the cookies in the shape of a heart. Heart symbolizes love and Thanksgiving day is all about spending time with your loved ones.

Another way to go is to cut the cookies in the shape of turkeys. You know, because it won’t be Thanksgiving without turkey.

You can also write things on the cookies that shows it’s thanksgiving. This includes; grateful, thankful, give thanks, happy thanksgiving etc.

Below are some thanksgiving cookies decorating ideas we found on the internet that you can try out. Once you find the one you like, all you need is your thanksgiving cookie cutter, and you can start baking.

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