Capturing Family Memories That Last: Tips for Taking Creative Photos

Having a family means a lot to all parents. Waking up and seeing their kids happy is everything for them, and if you are a parent, you can relate. You know the feeling of wanting to slow time down to be with your precious children, and you will do everything to treasure every moment before they grow up, leave home, and become their own person. So having a family also means having lots of photographs together.

If you grew up with parents who took lots of photos of you when you were growing up, you were probably a kid who either loved it or was shy about it. But now you understand why they did it.

As parents, you only want to immortalize everything about your kids, from the day they took their first steps, they got their first tooth, their first artwork, first dance, and more firsts. It is simply is about making memories out of seemingly ordinary moments.

Today, you do not have to have any reason not to make memories. You can simply go to the park with the kids and take the opportunity to take photos as smartphone cameras become more advanced each year.

However, if you want the experience to be more fun and creative for you and your family, here are some excellent ideas that will make good family photos. Once you have these family photos, you can print them on a canvas for your wall or commission a painting of the photo for your wall.

family on the road

3 creative photos ideas for your family

On the Road

If you and your family share a common love for camping, hiking, and road trips, then creative shots outside will be perfect!

Outdoor photoshoots are not new to professional photography. Jungle photo shoots have been popular with couples who just got engaged. However, you do not need a professional team to do the same thing with your family.

All you need is your smartphone and a car. Drive to a remote camping site, choose a good spot in the road where the asphalt is nicely laid out, and strike poses with your family. The black texture of the cold mix bituminous pavement will make the focal elements of the photo pop, especially when you happen to have a warm blue sky as a background.

One last thing, be careful and choose spots that do not encounter large volumes of traffic to avoid any accidents and remember not to impede the car traffic just for your photo session.

family having fun in pool


Following the point above and the spirit of adventure in the family, taking photos underwater will be a fun activity to do with your kids. During the next family vacation, you can equip yourself with a GoPro that will allow you to be more active and present.

You do not have to worry that you might drop and break your phone or that your kid will drop it in the water. A GoPro is built for these kinds of things, and it will even let you and your family enjoy your beach time.

You took your kids to the beach, and it’s time to teach them how to swim. Of course, documenting the whole thing is a must, and with your GoPro, you will be able to capture family moments under the water in high-definition.

Your son’s first time to hold his breath underwater might not be graceful in print, but it will be goofy and fun to look at. It will make a fine addition to your family album.

baby on the snow

On the snow

Since we are talking about “firsts, “there is a nice and creative way to remember your children’s first Christmas, not just by the Christmas tree or under the mistletoe.

Children all have a thing for Christmas, and what’s more? They are all fascinated by the snow, especially babies who grew up watching Frozen.

So instead of the usual indoor photo shoots during the holidays, you can all celebrate their first snow experience together by making snowmen and snow angels outside.

It is understandable that you are looking out for your kids’ health and do not want them to spend too much time under the snow, but imagine how big their smiles would be playing in the snow. You can choose a day when it is not heavily snowing, lie down together on the ground, take a pleasant and carefree family photo.

The white fluffy snow as the background will emphasize your children’s smiling eyes, and voila, you have a creative family Christmas photo.

Sometimes the best photos happen on their own, but there are times that you need to think outside of the box too. The key is to have fun with your kids and capture the moments that make it special.

Capturing Family Memories That Last: Tips for Taking Creative Photos

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