Tackle Chronic Pain Effectively Each Day

how to tackle chronic pain effectively

Chronic pain is a pain, pun intended. 

Living with chronic pain every single day can be a huge issue for us and it can have a massive impact on our daily lives. Pain is something no one wants to deal with and it can be hard to cope when it crops up every time you wake up in the morning. 

This is why today we wanted to share some tips and tricks to help manage and cope with pain every day.

How to tackle chronic pain

Switch your focus

The best way to cope with pain or any issue, is to think about something else. If you spend all of your time thinking about a spine doctor and the pain you are in, it will feel worse. If you distract yourself with something else it can have a big impact for the better.

Think about the things that you can do to make yourself busy and get doing them. Get out of the house and go for a walk, go shopping, so some cooking or painting… anything which will take your mind off can be a great thing. 


One of the effective ways to help with pain is to imagine that the painful part of your body is separate from the rest of your body. This technique and way of thinking is a good way to help the brain direct their nerve centers elsewhere and this can reduce and numb the pain to make it much easier to cope with. 

Split the sensations 

This is a technique for pain management which can be very effective and it is all to do with splitting the feeling of pain into the different sensations you are feeling. The idea is that if you compartmentalize the sensations of pain it will be easier for you to block it out and deal with it. For example, if you were to have pins and needles, a throbbing pain and a general ache in one area you can separate these feelings and make it easier to cope with. 

Get cold 

One of the great ways to draw pain away from one area of the body is to get it cold, or make the rest of you very warm. When trying to make sure that you are healthy and happy, it is important for you to cool the area you think is affected because this will numb it.

When we are cold, our body moves the blood vessels and nerves towards our vital organs because this will protect them if the body gets too cold. This means that blood flow is reduced in the affected area and you can feel less pain as a result of this. 

Move into the pain 

Sometimes a helpful way to get rid of pain such as cramps or aches is to bend or stretch into the pain. Usually there will be a build up of fluid or such in the muscles and surrounding tissue and this can keep the pain in one area and add pressure under the skin. By bending into the pain you can disperse some of this fluid and this can often release pressure and pain as a result. 

how to cope with chronic pain

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