Top 5 Study Resources That Will Help You Pass Amazon DVA-C01 Exam

AWS developers play a pivotal role in developing and implementing cloud initiatives. If you want to establish a career in this domain, you should consider earning the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification. The accreditation will validate your knowledge as a knowledgeable AWS Developer.

Read this article until the end to learn about the five best resources that will help you gain the required knowledge and skills for the DVA-C01 exam associated with this certificate.

Exam Details

First, let’s look at the recommendations Amazon puts forward for the DVA-C01 candidates:

  • One or more years of experience working with AWS-based applications
  • Familiarity with core AWS services
  • Knowledge of cloud-based application development using AWS
  • Basic understanding of writing code using cloud-native applications
  • Code module authoring, maintenance, and debugging on AWS

The DVA-C01 exam is an associate-level test. The evaluation has a duration of 130 minutes and you will be asked to answer 65 multiple-choice and multi-response questions within this timeframe. You can sit for the exam at any testing center or take the online-proctored exam via Pearson VUE and PSI. To register for the assessment, you need to pay a fee of $150.

The Best Study Resources to Prepare for the DVA-C01 Exam

Using the following resources, you can get an in-depth look into the subject matter that will be covered in the certification test.

Official Exam Guide

One of the first resources you should study before attempting the DVA-C01 exam is the official exam guide. It details recommended knowledge, exam content, key concepts and technologies, and out-of-scope topics. With a clear understanding of the tested objectives, you are set to progress.

Free Tier Account

Practical knowledge is a must for AWS developers. You can apply the knowledge you gain by applying it via the AWS Free Tier account. You will have access to almost all applicable AWS services in one form or another with this account.

Practice Tests

Using practice tests is one of the most important parts of your exam preparation. You can start with the set of sample questions and one practice test offered by Amazon on the test’s webpage. You can further improve your knowledge by using the exam dumps available on other reliable websites.

Official Training

Amazon offers two official training options that the candidates can consider to prepare for the DVA-C01 exam: a three-day paid training course delivered virtually or in person as well as free, self-paced, digital training. You can choose the course that suits your learning objectives and schedule.

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AWS Whitepapers

If you are looking to take an even bigger step towards understanding how AWS services and technologies work, AWS whitepapers are an amazing resource. Composed by the AWS team, partners, and other analysts, these will give you valuable insight into how AWS services can be applied in multiple different situations.

  • Other AWS Resources

In addition to the aforementioned resources, you can refer to the AWS FAQs section, particularly topics like Amazon SQS, DynamoDB, ElatiCache, Kinesis, Lambda, and API Gateway. You can also sign up for the free webinars in AWS available on the exam webpage.

Other Resources:

Wrapping Up

Using the resources mentioned in this article provide you with a deeper understanding of AWS services and, of course, set you up for resounding success in the DVA-C01 exam! Start your preparation for the certification test now and enhance your chances of becoming an AWS Certified Developer!

Top 5 Study Resources That Will Help You Pass Amazon DVA-C01 Exam

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