Step By Step Instruction To Install An Air Conditioner

The idea of buying an AC is quite beneficial and seems pretty good until you come across a realization that installment of AC is a time taking process. Not only this, but you also need to hire a professional to install air conditioner properly in your house. If you know some electrical work or installed an AC earlier then you can save money by doing air conditioner installationon your own.

Today, there are different types of air conditioners available which may come with different installation procedures and you can easily follow the same to install your air conditioner. The installation procedure may differ model to model and you need to hire a reliable air conditioner installation company to install the air conditioners in your home properly.

How would you install an air conditioner?

Install the Indoor Unit

First of all, the indoor unit needs to be mounted and for that an appropriate location should be chosen to mount it on the wall.


  • Make sure the location is away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • The indoor unit requires 15cm of space to mount. The distance between the unit and ground should be min 7 feet.
  • It should be 1 meter away from any power socket or antenna to avoid any operational problem in AC.

Now, Fix the Mounting Plate

To attach the mounting plate on the wall, hold it against the same location where you want to install the unit. Now, using a driller, make holes on the wall so that mounting plate can be fixed. Now, insert plastic anchors and then tap screws to fix it. Always check the stability of the brackets before installing the outdoor unit.

Fit the Piping

Once the mounting plate is fixed, now it’s time to make holes on exterior part of the mounting plate. The hole should be at least 7.5 cm in diameter. After this, insert flange in the hole. After this, look for the electrical connections. Once the connections are checked, cut the PVC nearly 6 mm. Insert the pipe in the hole that you drilled on the wall and secure it.

Install the Outdoor Condenser

Just like indoor, choose an appropriate place to install your outdoor unit. There should be an appropriate gap between the floor and condenser, and you need to place a concrete pad and put a condenser on it. Make sure that you use rubber cushion under the condenser for less vibration noise and ensure that you have a quiet ac. Now, attach the electrical wires, and remove the cover. Now, for further directions, use the wiring diagram. Lastly, fix the pipes nuts with the pipes on the outdoor unit. 

How to install an air conditioner

How to hire the trained professionals to install the air conditioners?

This was the much common way to install your air conditioner. If you got the procedure, you can install it on your own. But if you do not know the installation process then you should hire an experienced professional.

While hiring a professional make sure you hire someone who is pretty much experienced in this field. It is very important procedure, even one wrong connection can cause huge problem. Therefore, do not sacrifice on the quality of the professional that you hire.

But before hiring the air conditioning installation professionals, you must check their license, experience and customer reviews. You can also sign their AMC or annual maintenance contract to maintain your air conditioners in future.  

Nowadays, every second person wants to install air conditioner at their houses. Since, it is in much demand, hiring a professional may be a bit expensive. We have provided installation procedure above. Hope, you can easily follow the above steps to install the air conditioning system in your home. But to install the split and ducted air conditioners in your home, you must rely on a reliable installation company.



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    Thanks for pointing out that the demand for air conditioning can affect the price of getting a unit installed. I’d like to have one in my bedroom soon because I spend most of my days in there especially when I really have to focus on my work. Keeping the room cool will make it possible for me to still be comfortable in that kind of living condition during the summer.

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    Nowadays, every second person wants to install air conditioner at their houses. Since, it is in much demand, hiring a professional may be a bit expensive. Thank You so much!!!Always Air AC Services

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