Sitting out in the backyard, sipping on an ice cold beverage and feeling the warmth of the sun beat down on your face. That is exactly how you like to spend your summer evenings and the time is getting closer and closer. When the warmer months approach you always like to give your home a little makeover to prepare it for the sunshine. You want your home to feel more spacious, airy and bright when it gets warmer outside. It is time to say goodbye to the heavily knitted throws, the spongy carpets and the thick duvet covers.

Let’s find a way to blitz your home of the winter warmers and find summer chicness. You can use your own style, imagination and creativity to really find the summer sweet spots in your happy home. It is time to transform your sleepy home into a beautiful palace. Don’t worry about spending a tonne of money either. You will soon be able to see that your budget can really go far when it comes to shaking up your home style. From the bedroom to the blossoms outside, create a fun-filled haven for summer and welcome your guests into a new sophisticated sanctuary.


1.Demure Drapes

The drapes in your home can truly make or break the room in which they are placed; if they are too heavy they will overpower the room in the warmer months and if they are too light they won’t serve their intended purpose. Check out the following website, Deconovo.com; here you will find a tonne of innovative ideas about curtains, blinds and drapes that will truly inspire you to update yours. You will also find a whole range of interior design ideas guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are a huge fan of bold patterns or you enjoy a minimalistic style there will be an idea there that totally tickles your fancy.


demure drapes


  1. Sensational Smells

 How many times have you walked into somebody’s home and it has smelt like last night’s dinner, the dog’s breath or the kids school shoes? It ain’t appealing and you don’t want that for your beautiful home. Fill your home with an abundance and bright and bold smells which suit your tastes perfectly. Floral smells are just perfect for the summer months, so head to your local department store and sniff out your favourite.

Candles and incense sticks are the perfect way to allow a scent to flow freely through your home. Choose a calming lavender smell for the bedroom and a classic lily of the valley for the hallway; your guests will be pleased as soon as they step through the front door.

Sweet scents


  1. Dutiful Decluttering

 When summer approaches it is only right to give your home the spring clean it deserves. Getting rid of old junk can be extremely therapeutic too. So don’t be too precious about your old keepsakes. If something has been gathering dust on a shelf for several years, it might just be time to say goodbye to it. When you update your home you want to be working with a blank canvas instead of an over cluttered space. It will clear your mind as well as the area so get to work with your decluttering spree right now!


  1. Luxury Lounge

 Your lounge is where most of your guests will spend their time when they come and visit your home. Make sure your seating area is open and comfortable enough for the amount of people you want to have over. Think strategically about where you place the coffee tables in relation to the couch; reaching really far for chips and dip is never favoured by guests! The Feng Shui of the room can be the difference between a successful evening and a flop so get those lounge features just right from the very start.



Grey and white living room
  1. Blissful Bedroom

 It’s likely that during the summer your bedroom is going to become a little hot box. That is way too uncomfortable to sleep in. The key to getting a good night’s sleep lies in the ambiance of your room. So it is especially important to get it right when the heat wave starts outside. Invest in a bedside fan if you don’t already have air conditioning. This will allow air to flow freely through the room without you having to worry about pesky bugs getting in the window. Change your duvet to a lighter sheet as well, so that you aren’t left sticky and sweaty throughout the night.

White bedroom decor ideas
  1. Outdoor Overhaul

 Get rid of the weeds, trim the hedges and feed the lawn some super green growing food. It is time to give the garden the tender loving care it deserves. During the winter it is easy to neglect your garden, but don’t worry, so many of us are guilty of this. Start preparing your garden for summer several weeks before you plan on spending time outdoors. This way, you will be all ready to go as soon as the sun peeps through the clouds.


  1. Beautiful Blossoms

 Flowers outside during the summer months are so important. If your garden isn’t already bursting with attractive blossoms then it’s time to get to work. Choose your favourite flower and plant them all over the the corners of the garden. Whether it is a cute cerise chrysanthemum, a pretty purple pansy or a blossoming bright bluebell. Choose your personal favourite and the garden will feel truly special to you.

Bluebells flower

No matter what your style or budget is, summer chicness doesn’t need to come at a huge cost. You can truly have an enviable abode worthy of a magazine cover, if you make just a few simple tweaks and additions. If you aren’t particularly creative then make sure you consult the experts online. Create your own mood boards on Pinterest and grab inspiration from an array of different places. Skyrocket your humble home into a dazzling dwelling and be more ready than ever for when the sun starts to peep through the clouds.

*collaborative post

summer decor ideas



  1. May 31, 2019 / 2:56 pm

    Great ideas. I love bringing flowers into the house in the summer and I love opening the windows too when it’s not too hot.

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