How To Source LED Driving Lights From An Online Provider

Driving lights

If you want to find the right LED light for your vehicle or ATV, you need to know more about the different products on the market. Many people tend to think that LED light bars offer the exact same illumination effect as an LED driving light. But, when you install the two different kinds of LED lights, you’ll soon see there are significant differences between their functions and features.

Knowing that there are LED driving lights for sale and what the different types are, will help you to find a reputable online provider with the right lights for your vehicle and your needs. It will also help ensure you order exactly what you need.

How Will You Use the Lights?

Firstly, how will you use the LED lights? Once you know that, you can start making important decisions. First is whether you will need LED driving lights or an LED light bar.

The driving lights are a lot smaller and far more versatile than the light bars. For instance, the lights online require a single mounting point whereas the light bars need two. What’s more? The driving lights are great if you want to rotate the lights, so they illuminate in a particular direction. Or if you need something lit up from a small round space.

On the other hand, the LED light bars need longer spaces and therefore tend to shine in just one direction – forwards. They cannot be rotated on a horizontal plane like the lights do.

LED driving lights
LED driving lights

How Much Light Do You Need?

Another thing to think about is the amount of light emitting from a single light. More angles mean more light and visual perception, as well as less shadow.

Shadowing and visual perception are very important if you plan to use your LED lights for serious work, where safety is at stake. A reputable online provider will help you learn more about selecting the right light for both efficiency and safety.

What Will Fit Your Vehicle?

Next, you need to figure out which lights will actually fit your vehicle. Once you know that (and a reputable online provider should have diagrams and measurements to help), you can then determine what type of optical pattern you want for your light bars and driving lights. The optic pattern refers to the size and shape of the light beam that’s emitted from the lights, for example:

  • 30-degree spot beam – this focuses light on a single spot and is good for seeing in the distance.
  • 60-degree flood beam – a flood beam is ideal if you need to see everything within your immediate zone of vision, including in your peripheral vision. Flood beams also provide a good amount of even light in each and every direction with no single point of focus.
  • Combination beam – this beam combines the reflector of all kinds of beam patterns.

Once you figure out the type and size of light you want, that will fit your vehicle, and how you intend to use the light, a reputable online provider will be able to suggest the best option for you.

LED driving lights

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