4 Common Signs That Show It’s Time To Replace Your Home Insulation

Insulation systems are designed to slow down the transfer of heat and cold in a home. Regardless of what kind of system you have or how old it is, it should be replaced with time. Not doing so can result in wall leaks and peeling. If your system isn’t working properly, your house is wasting heat and you’re paying for that.

But how to know if the system needs replacement?

There are some tell-tale signs, like high-energy bills, drafts in the home, etc. If you feel cold in your bedroom even though the windows are closed there are chances that the room is drafty. And, that means there are air leaks or gaps in the windows or doors.

Surprisingly, a proper encapsulation in the attic and crawlspace can save up to 11% on your home’s energy costs. That’s why it is important to ensure that your system is working well. If not, consider a replacement.

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When You Should Replace Your Insulation System

When it comes to insulation, it is difficult to know when you should fix or replace it even if it is working well. Perhaps, you should replace it before it’s too late. Let’s have a look at the common replacement signs:

1. Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed a big jump in your energy bills? If yes, it’s a sign of replacement. There might be energy leaks in windows or doors. If your system lets cold air in, the chances are excellent for it to easily pull the warm air out of your home.

If you notice that your energy costs are out of the line, it’s time to call crawlspace insulation professionals, who will examine the energy leaks in your home. The professionals will insulate your crawlspace against drafts and moisture and make your home more energy-efficient.

2. Age Of The System

When was the last time you replaced your system? Maybe you just moved to a new home and did not check if the insulation is doing its job right. It may be working right, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be replaced.

An age-old system may not guarantee the technological advancements that you’ll get with today’s systems. It means that it won’t be as energy efficient as it was years ago. Thus, replacing the old systems with today’s technology can be a wise decision.

3. Unpleasant Odours

Does your home smell unpleasant after a thorough cleaning? Is the odour mouldy?

If your home smells something mouldy and you can’t identify the source, check your insulation system. Most systems are not waterproof which can grow mould and may cause unpleasant odours. Know that mould contaminates the air which you breathe. So, it should be fixed as soon as possible otherwise it can affect your overall health.

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4. Strange Drafts In Your Home

Have you ever noticed that your bedroom is much cooler than other rooms? Like there’s a draft in the room? Home insulation works by providing a buffer between the indoor and outdoor air. However, if there is any issue in your system, it can limit that buffer of air.

When that no longer exists, it is easy for cold and warm air to flow inside your home, resulting in drafts in your room.

The Bottom Line

The level of comfort you feel inside your home depends on the insulation system in your attic and crawlspace. If the system is not working properly, your bill can go up while the comfort level may come down.

To sum it up, it is always better to seek help from professionals who will help you reduce humidity, improve air quality, eliminate drafts in rooms, etc. with the crawlspace encapsulation process.

4 Common Signs That Show It's Time To Replace Your Home Insulation

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  1. June 6, 2023 / 9:04 am

    The fact that “strange drafts” have been happening around our house makes me think that I should take your advice. This may not bother us much now, but it will really make things a lot harder for us in the winter when the weather is extremely cold. I’ll go and ask an insulation expert to help me out with this so it’s a lot easier for us to stay warm when it matters.

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