5 Signs Of A Dental Emergency That Should Not Be Ignored

Woman having a toothache

Unsure if that toothache is temporary or something more serious? Unsure if you are having a dental emergency?

What are some of the most common signs of a dental emergency? Read on to find out!

5 signs of dental emergency


No one needs to be told this, but if you have discomfort anywhere in your mouth, you need to see your emergency dentist Dublin!

This pain can be intermittent, can come on suddenly or gradually, may be worse when you bite down on food, and can cause you to have extreme sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold foods.

If you notice any discomfort in your mouth, irrespective of whether it is accompanied by swelling or an unwell feeling, you need to seek out an emergency dental team as soon as possible. Discomfort in the mouth can point to anything from a cavity to a dental abscess, both of which require intervention to prevent them from getting any worse.


If you have ever seen a cartoon when they are trying to highlight that a character has a toothache, you may have noticed that they focus on swelling to the face, neck, or mouth. This is not a coincidence!

Sudden or gradual swelling to any of these areas usually points to an underlying issue with your teeth and gums. Most of the time, swelling can point to a problem such as an abscess or even an impacted wisdom tooth.

Even if you have dental swelling and it doesn’t hurt, you will still need to seek out the advice and care of an emergency dental team to have the cause identified and treated.

woman with tooth pain after biting an apple

Lost crown or filling

With a lifespan of around 15 years for an amalgam filling or crown, if you have had a filling fitted before porcelain or composite ones were common, chances are at some point, you are going to lose that restorative.

And whilst the replacement is usually straightforward if it is not left for too long, delaying a trip to your dental surgery for a lost crown or filling can lead to a decay worsening, further breakdown of the tooth, or even an oral abscess.

If you have been lucky enough to catch the lost restorative, then please keep it with you when you attend your dental surgery, as they may be able to replace it fully.

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Most people will have had an oral ulcer at some point, and in most cases, ulcers signify nothing more than a cold, stress, or even a recent lapse in your oral hygiene.

However, if you have persistent ulcers in the same part of your mouth or one of your ulcers is larger than a 5 pence piece, then you will need to seek out an emergency dental practitioner as soon as possible to rule out a more serious issue such as oral cancer.

Cracks and chips

If you notice a crack or chip on any of your teeth, then it may be time to visit your emergency dental team. This will help to prevent decay from setting into the crack and, of course, eliminate the chance of any dental abscess or infection from occurring.

5 Signs Of A Dental Emergency That Should Not Be Ignored

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