7 Main Surefire Signs That You Are In A Healthy Relationship

In a healthy relationship, both partners feel related to each other and are comfortable with how the relationship is going. There are many aspects that create a healthy relationship, like trust and commitment, which can help people solve hardships and stay together.

Different people have different needs, so healthy relationship behavior can be different for most people. We change with time and what is great when we are in our 20s, will not work as healthy relationships when we are in our 30s and more.

Though, there are some common signals that we may count in all types of healthy relationships. What are the signs of a healthy relationship? Here they are!

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7 signs you are in a healthy relationship

Trust in relationships

If you want to know what a healthy relationship looks like, try to imagine a couple who does not check the phones of the partner and leave personal space. Yes, we speak about trust.

Trust is a feeling when you have no desire and need to control your partner. When you are absolutely sure that your partner is not cheating and not lying. Trust is about integrity and honesty. You are not afraid to stay away from your partner.

Trust is not only about cheating. You can be sure your partner will not hurt you emotionally or physically. When there is trust, there is satisfaction with the marriage.

As trust develops, the healthy relationship turns into a great source of security and comfort. If you have a feeling that it is important to hide real things from the partner, it may happen as you do not have enough of this fundamental trust. 

Open communication

What are healthy relationship skills? The main one is open communication. It means that you should not think twice before expressing thoughts and feelings. This kind of communication can help you express yourself honestly, connect to your partner, and resolve any conflicts that may spring up.

You do not have to hide your personality behind the curtains. If you are an expressive person, you may cry, and your partner will not be shocked or offended. You can show all sides of your character and not be hurt or ashamed.

This applies to all kinds of situations. For example, you can tell your partner about your successes and failures at work, and they will listen to you carefully and support you. Or they can tell you about their sexual fantasies, and you will be willing to click here and consider trying rather than dismiss it right away.

You should have the ability to feel that it is possible to stay in a healthy relationship. When two partners have different levels of honesty and self-disclosure, they should never have to hide aspects of themselves or change who they are.

Being honest and open with each other not only helps people feel more intimate as a couple, but it also helps keep relations serious. 

The feeling of independence

What are healthy relationship boundaries? The one that no one should ever cross, is the feeling of independence. You have to set up personal boundaries.

When you have a partner, you both are not one person, you are two separate individuals with various tastes, hobbies, personal friends, and favorite activities. And it is very important to save such activities and personal space when you are in relationships.

It is something that makes us a personality. If you change your life each time you have a new partner, who is the real you?

Most couples in healthy relationships favor spending time together, however, the amount of time they spend together can change based on work, personal needs and other responsibilities, living setups, and things like that.

But they also realize the hunger for personal space and time spent on your own. Perhaps, they spend this time relaxing solo, exploring new hobby ideas, or meeting family or friends. No matter what you do, you don’t have to spend each moment with your partner or think that the relationship hurts when you spend some time separately.

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Appreciating each other

When we look at healthy relationships vs toxic relationships, the fact that differs them both is appreciation. Do not take your partner for granted. Being thankful for your partner allows people to concentrate on their positive qualities and may help balance out any problems.

Meeting the needs of your partner

One more healthy relationship advice: meet the needs of the person whom you love. It is essential to take care of personal boundaries, but it is also important to appreciate the needs of your partner. Some people may need things that may seem inappropriate to you.

Whether they want to wake up at 4 am every morning and start vacuuming, or they need to visit free dating sites for a casual hookup, you have to discuss it on this bank of the river before entering the water.

Disagreeing with your partner

Yes! It is natural that people have disagreements, otherwise, it would be boring to live in a world where all people have identical thoughts and expectations. Moreover, there’s even research that proves that the couples that argue and disagree, have a higher chance to stay together.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should argue over every minor detail, and it’s incredibly important to ensure that your relationship is not actually unhealthy and toxic! 

Real, healthy relationship affirmations mean having an opposite opinion and finding out the compromise in communication. It helps to understand each other better and make stronger couples. 

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Take and give

What are healthy relationship goals? Strong and healthy relationships are characterized by unpretending interchange. It isn’t about keeping score or feeling that you owe the other partner. You do something for one another because you simply want to. This doesn’t prove that the give-and-take process in a relationship is always 100% equal.

Mostly, one partner may want more support and help. In the rest of the cases, one person may just want to take more of a caregiver role. Such inequalities are all right as long as each partner is satisfied with the situation and both partners are getting the backing that they demand.


Building healthy relationships is not as a simple process as it may seem. It involves many compromises both partners should take into consideration. The only thing that marks healthy partners is that they feel simple being together.

And remember if both of you respect each other, appreciate and even argue from time to time – all this is a sign of a healthy relationship, and you can feel happy for having such a deep and emotional bond in your life!

And what are the signs of a healthy relationship that you know?

7 Main Surefire Signs That You Are In A Healthy Relationship

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