How To Select An Exchange Platform For BTC Exchange?

The cryptocurrency market is dependent on technology and its advancements.

The term Exchange applies to all those technological and digital platforms that allow the Exchange to purchase and sell digital assets, open account today.

Many Exchanges allow users to invest in various types of traditional financial stocks.

These platforms arise so that traders or investors can operate easily and reliably in the various assets offered by financial markets, whether traditional or digital.

The profits obtained by the negotiations through these platforms are due to the variation in the price of the cryptocurrencies in the case of the digital market; this happens thanks to the fact that it operates at the real value that the digital currency possesses at the moment.

Thanks to these platforms, the digital economy has been active, consequently allowing the Exchange of cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world, without geographical limitations, where earnings can even be converted into legal tender at meager commissions.

Origin of the Exchanges

When Bitcoin was automatically released, the first Exchange in the world was created, whose name was NewLibertyStandard, which later disappeared from the financial market in a period no longer than a year.

Over time, new Exchanges emerged, as was the case of Mt.Gox, which after reached high levels of popularity. Still, unfortunately, the first Exchange was the victim of hacking in a similar period, which led to a robbery Millionaire of around 2,000 Bitcoins.

Despite all these drawbacks, Exchanges have emerged and have been created with optimal security levels, currently offering their users a variety of regulated brokers with the best options when investing.

Exchange platforms are a fundamental part of the cryptographic investment process, which represents a significant challenge when positioning themselves since their users will be the ones who give the corresponding place to the various options that arise.

Fundamental aspects before choosing an Exchange

One of the main dilemmas when investing is the correct choice of cryptocurrency exchange, but for this choice, it is essential to consider some aspects that will determine the fruit of the investments to be made.

  1. The security of the exchange platform.
  2. The conversion capacity of your capital, the liquidity that demonstrates your financial journey.
  3. Transaction Fees.
  4. The financial investment markets it offers.
  5. The opinions of its users.
  6. The speed of processing operations.
  7. The entities that regulate operations.

Selecting an Exchange is not easy; this requires time and research since we can be victims of fraudulent platforms and lose our money and time.

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Ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges

A wide variety of exchanges offer various services to their users; their platforms have in common the participation in the digital financial market of cryptocurrencies offering various essential tools so that users have optimal experiences.

Among the most used tools are fundamental and technical analysis and a series of indicators that allow such analyses to be much more comfortable and easy.

Exchanges are classified into traditional OTC Platforms, Cryptocurrency Broker, and Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Traditional Exchange:

They are usually platforms regulated under the best standards and regulations, such as KYC and AML; they are typically used to carry out any operation, whether the purchase, sale or Exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Exchange of OTC Platforms:

These platforms offer direct negotiations between users to keep their information safe and private; it is simple; these applications even allow negotiations at off-market prices.

Cryptocurrency broker:

This type of Exchange is the one that offers essential services for the Exchange of cryptocurrencies, where users exchange their digital currencies for others of their choice; they do not require complex operations.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange:

This platform usually offers services similar to a traditional Exchange, only that there are no intermediaries, the levels of security protection for its users are extremely high, and they also can offer additional services such as smart contracts.


The choice of the correct Exchange requires that it meets the factors previously stated; it is essential that it be safe and reliable; remember that you will deposit the capital that you consider, but that it costs time and effort to obtain it.

So at this time, the users’ opinions will be critical points and in favor of the choice since you will not want to lose the money invested for not considering all the necessary aspects.

How To Select An Exchange Platform For BTC Exchange?

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