How To Save Money When Getting Your Home Ready For A Baby

You’re having your first baby soon, and it’s time to get your home ready for its arrival. This will mean babyproofing the whole house, but it also means that you need a few essential items for your baby.

For instance, you need to get them a place to sleep, you need stair gates for protection, changing tables, places to keep their clothes, baby food, diapers, and so on. 

Reading this list alone can make it seem pretty obvious that this will be a very expensive time in your life. Fear not, for there are a few ways you can save money when getting your home ready for a baby!

Getting Your Home Ready For A Baby

3 tips to save money when getting your home ready for baby

Ask around for assistance

Do you have family members or friends that have had babies in the past? If so, you could ask them if they have anything lying around that they’re not using anymore. Your parents might have baby gates from when you were a child, or your close friend may have various baby toys that they no longer need.

Instead of letting these things lie in their homes collecting dust and creating clutter, your friends/family can give them to you! If they’re feeling generous, they might offer them for free. If you feel bad, you can still give them a bit of money, but you’ll save a fortune by not needing to go and buy brand new things. 

Buy multipurpose items

Some of the things you need to buy can actually be merged into one item. Think about the baby’s bed, for example. You’ll need a cot, but did you know you can find some cots that have multiple purposes? If you look at some of the cot beds at Cuckooland, you’ll notice that they have 3-in-1 capabilities.

Not only are they cots, but they are also desks/changing tables and toddler beds. Things like this are great as it means you only have to buy one thing and you get multiple uses from it. This example is especially good as it means you don’t have to go and buy them a new bed when they become a toddler. 

Other examples of multipurpose items include a chest of drawers that doubles up as a baby changing table or a pushchair that can also be a baby carrier. 

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Create a wish list for your baby shower

Baby showers are fun because you get to celebrate the news that you’re having a baby with the people you care about the most. Also, it’s a chance for people to bring you lots of nice gifts, so that’s always a bonus. Instead of getting the same items from everyone, why don’t you create a wish list of things?

This will be like a wedding gift list, so people can choose what to buy and see what has already been bought. Don’t make it seem like everyone needs to buy you a gift, but if they want to get you something it may as well be practical. This way, you can get a lot of the smaller things for your home for free!

Use these three tips to save money when getting your home ready for a baby. The good news is that, after baby number one, it’s less expensive to prepare your home for future babies as you can hold onto all the old stuff. 

How To Save Money When Getting Your Home Ready For A Baby

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