Saltwater Fly Fishing Tips For Beginners


Fishing is an exciting hobby that can often flourish into a life-long addiction. Whilst many people are acquainted with fresh water fishing in lakes and rivers, they tend to view salt water fishing as a whole other game.

Although it does indeed come with its own unique set of challenges, beginners shouldn’t be deterred as it needn’t be as complicated or expensive as it first seems. It is not necessary to attempt to go straight in for specialist big-game fly-fishing.

Instead, you can utilise this branch of the sport to catch other exciting fish that can’t be found in freshwater. This not only means less expertise necessary to get started, it also means cheaper equipment. In some cases you can even continue to use your freshwater fishing equipment, as discussed on various blogs.


saltwater fly fishing tips


Finding the Fish

Rather than being confined to a lake, the fish have a comparatively infinite space in which to swim around. This can make it far more difficult to find them. However, there are a few signs you can look out for which may indicate that fishes are in the area.

For example, if you see birds diving in a certain area, this is likely an indication that larger fish in the water have sent the small fish up to the surface. You can also increase your chances of getting a catch if you time your fishing trip properly. The best time to go out is either dawn or dusk when the fish will be feeding.

Where to Fish

 You can take advantage of the tide and currents to help you find the best spot in which to fish. Tidal rivers are a great spot to find saltwater fish in a more manageable setting. Tidal pools are another great spot to try your hand at fly fishing. As many large fishes lie and wait for these to empty into the ocean as they bring with them a wealth of food.

Alternatively, saltwater flats are a good place to catch redfish and barracuda. Most of all, you will need to become familiar with the area or hire a guide if you want to truly understand where fish can be found.

The Equipment

If you are just starting out, then you should go for a versatile multi-purpose rod that will allow you to try all types of saltwater fishing before you pick your niche. A 6 to 9-weight, 9-foot rod is a good compromise that will allow you to catch smaller and larger fish alike.

You will also need a good quality reel and a full-sinking line. Check out the Zenag fishing rods which represent high-quality, reasonably-priced rods that are ideal for the sport. These rods offer unparalleled performance, fast action and great sensitivity. So you can have the best chance of making a big catch.

Get Started!

 So, if you’ve been held back by tales of the difficulty, cost and expertise involved in saltwater fly fishing, maybe it’s time to forget about your preconceptions. Saltwater fishing is one of the most exciting and rewarding facets of the game, so what are you waiting for? Get started today!


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