5 Roof Repair Tips For Fixing A Leaking Roof

roof repair tips

Having water stains that extend from the ceiling and down into the floor means there’s a problem with the roof. Tracking down the problem area can be tricky and difficult but with a little patience and a few hand-held tools, eventually, it can be found.

The next step would be to repair it. If the problem isn’t too bad, it can certainly be accomplished with a few tools and materials.

The important thing to remember is to fix a leaky roof the moment you notice the problem even if it’s not bothering you that much yet. If left unattended pretty soon it will cause more damage and will mean costly repair than when you tended to it immediately, not to mention damaging security systems and spy gear.

Most leaks happen because of loose or missing shingles, damaged or rotten flashing, old vents, or clogged gutters. Regularly checking the roof is a good way to avoid leaks from happening.

1. Finding the leak

When looking for the leak culprit that’s causing havoc to your roof and ceiling, first look for it by going uphill from the stain. You want to search for roof penetration.

Normally, water enters the hole and trickles down following the law of gravity so wherever the water stain appears you’re more likely to find the hole as you move up the roof.

Also, look for penetration not just on the shingles but on plumbing, vents, chimneys, or dormers as well. If you have access to your attic, you can look for the leak with a handheld flashlight and looking for water stains and other evidence of water damage.

2. Fixing small leaks

There are some leaks that are very hard to locate. Sometimes they are in parts of the roof that’s hard to access or the leak is so minuscule they barely have any marks until much later.

If you have access to the attic, look for shiners. These are nails that missed the frame. Moist air escapes into the cold attic coming from the rooms below and condenses on these nails. These nails will look white because of the frost. The simple solution is just to clip the nail with a pair of pliers.

3. Fixing plumbing vent

Vent boots are usually made of plastic or plastic and metal materials. These keep water out of roof accessories such as vents and chimneys. Check to see that the base these are not cracked or broken. You should also examine the area surrounding the rubber boots as they can also be rotted away allowing water to seep through.

If the problem is with the vent boots, the best thing to do is to replace it with a new one. But if the nails at the base are pulled or missing but the rubber boot is in good shape, you can replace the nail with screws with a rubber washer.

4. Fixing roof vents

Always inspect the housing on roof vents for signs of cracking or broken seams. You might think that using caulk is an easy solution to the problem but it won’t address the deeper problem. The only way to really fix broken or cracked roof vents is to replace the damaged ones. You should also check to see for missing or pulled nails at the base of the vent. Replace them with screws with rubber washers instead of regular nails.

5. Walls and dormers

Sometimes leaks don’t come from the roof itself. At times, strong winds can drive water up the walls, around windows, or between corners of boards and siding.

Dormer walls can present many opportunities for water to dribble down and get into the roof. Old caulk can also lose its waterproofing allowing water to seep between corner boards and in between window sidings and edges.

If you suspect that a caulk might be fault, dig it out to see if the area is sealed tight. If not, you should replace it with new caulk, one that is of high-quality.

roof repair tips

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