5 Ways To Get The Best Roof Platform And Roof Walkway Solutions

roof platform

Roof platform and roof walkway solutions gives us protection from tripping and falling around the parapet edges and service equipment. They are fabricated in such a manner that they include kick-plates, handrails and open mesh flooring made from galvanized steel.

It is important that the roof platforms and walkways are lightweight in design and can be easily cleaned. Generally, it is light grey in colour. At times, the base or the environment on which it is designed is dark in colour. Then, one can use bright colours like yellow or red in the edges.

In case of temporary roof platforms, the flooring must be a non-slip one. One must avoid chequeen plates to cause irritation to the eye especially when work is being done at such a height.

Different Types of Roof Platform and Roof Walkway Solutions:

A collective approach to safe roof access is what is desirable. As soon as walkways are installed in association with handrails, we are looking at the ultimate solution which is a safe roof solution. The different types include following –

  • Traditional: Slate, copper, tile, lead, and cement
  • Metal profiles are made of Composite, Built Up, and Secret Fix
  • Membrane would mean Bitumen, Trocal, and Protan
  • Standing Seam

There would be many activities on the walkways, some of which cannot be avoided even if we want to like spills or chemical drips. One must pay heed to the personnel who are working below it.

The roof platform and roof walkway solutions must confirm to the current safety regulations as per ISO standards. In case, a risk assessment team identifies a hazard owing to the impact of machinery or environment, then a roof walkway system which is 600 mm in width, must be reduced to 500 mm.

The best ways to get the best roof platform and roof walkway solutions would require keeping in mind certain factors which include taking care of the things below.

1. Roof edges and openings:

In all commercial projects, there is a chance for a fall from the roof edges especially on new build jobs. A lot of deaths occur every year which involves smaller builders who work on the roofs of domestic houses.

Scaffolding must be done against sloping roofs for prevention of material and people falling off the edge. Accident from flat roofs can be avoided by simple edge protection methods by putting up a double guardrail as well as a toe board around the edges.

2. Fragile surfaces:

One must always follow a secure system while working by using a platform underneath a roof while erecting a roof way. Near fragile roof surfaces are difficult to handle. There must be a combination of guard rails and staging used. Safety nets are a must to be slung underneath and close to the roof.

3. Access to the roofs:

Typical methods of safe access to roofs include stair towers, general access scaffolds, mobile access equipment, etc.

4. Taking care of safety hazards:

Besides fire, this includes managing construction health risks while working for a roof platform and roof walkway solution.

5. Assessment at heights:

It is mandatory that those who are deployed in the work must be trained and competent. The correct way to manage work on roofs and communicate the right methods to those involved includes the effective use of a method statement.


To conclude, by constructing a specific roof walkway on the roof, the cost of maintenance is lessened. This is because the traffic on foot is less as a result of which there will be less damage caused on the cement roof or the aluminium roof trays.

The roof platform allows a greater weight distribution. The entire system safeguards the life of the individuals, as it prevents personnel to fall through brittle asbestos or cement roofs.

Above all, on the business premises, the builders and contractors must work closely with the client. This enables construction towards a robust roof platform and roof walkway solutions.

roof walkway solutions

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