Replacing A Roof On Your Concrete Garage

There are various reasons why individuals seek a replacement roof for their concrete garages. One of the main reasons is to do with appearance. After all, if your roof does not currently match in with the look of your home, you may want to consider a replacement.
It does not matter whereabouts your garage is in relation to your house, it is still part of your property. Therefore, whether you have an attached garage or one that stands alone, you still need to ensure that the style of the garage coincides with that of your home.

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Aside from this, you may merely want a roof replacement because it has too much wear and tear and so is no longer effective. You may have noticed a leak or you may be worried that your roof is on its last legs.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s imperative that your new roof is installed properly. If you are planning on taking on this task alone, or you would merely like further insight into the process the contractors are going to utilise, read on to discover how concrete garages are roofed.

Instructions for building a roof for concrete garages…

First things first, you obviously need to make sure that you remove all of the prior roofing. Once you have got your blank canvas you can then begin to build your roof. You will need to begin by adding plywood sheets. Even if you had these there before, it is best to add replacement sheets anyways. In order to add plywood sheets to the framing of any concrete garages, you will merely require the use of nails.

Once you have done this you should then use roofing felt in order to cover the roof area. With regards to alignment, simply ensure you start with one edge of the material being aligned with the vertical edge of the roof and then roll it over and cut.
You will obviously need to keep this in place so use staples to ensure this is the case. You will need to do this for every row. It is always best to overlap the felt slightly for every row you do. After you have applied felt, you need to put flashing around the edges. Use roofing nails in order to attach the metal.

Now you have prepped the roof it is time to take the important measurements and make the markings. This is a crucial part in ensuring roofs on any concrete garages are constructed properly and to precision. Start by determining the horizontal centre via measuring the roof, and then mark this.

After this, measure the side and half it. You should then mark a vertical line up to the centre of the roof. These are the crucial markings. However, it is recommended that you do another marking for approximately every six inches. This will help you when it comes to adding the materials.

Now it is time to begin creating your roof via adding your material. You should begin by using the centre line of your roof to add the first row. Once this line is in place you then work via the method of adding another row of shingles across via alternate sides.

Use roofing nails in order to ensure everything is attached properly; one in each corner of the shingle. Then you keep going row by row until all sides of the roof are complete. It is always a good idea to measure and mark out all rows once the initial one is in place as this will keep everything straight.

The very last thing you need to do is make the ridge cover for your roof. You will need to cut your materials to size and then begin at the peak of the roof. Make sure you overlap the material and attach via the use of roofing nails.

So there you have it; the process involved when adding a roof to any concrete garages. Remember if you are not competent in this area it is always better to seek the aid of professionals in order to ensure the job is done properly.


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