4 Ways To Remove Old Paint

House remodeling projects can be very exciting, especially when considering the DIY option. There are different ways you can repaint your house without asking for professional help but it will need a lot of preparation.

Other than finding the right tools to use and quality paint for the task you will need to purchase remover wall paint. Removing the worn-out paint from your wall is among the easiest ways to smoothen the surface and make it ready for the next painting phase.

For those who are not well versed in how to remove old paint from a wall before applying a new one, here are four common strategies that you can employ for the same.


How to remove old paint

Scraping off the paint

This is a bit tedious when compared to other techniques discussed here because of the energy applied in the process. It starts with peeling off the flaky parts of the paint on your wall using a scraper. Before commencing the procedure, mind covering yourself in the right protective gear to avoid inhaling the paint dust or having it affect your eyes.

Ideally, you should use a mask with a snug fit to your face for maximum protection. One of the most recommended face masks in the market are NIOSH-approved N95 masks because they are efficient in filtering airborne particles and designed to seal the nose and mouth area to provide complete protection.

Place the blade on the worn-out paint and apply pressure as you move it in different directions until you are satisfied with the result. Ultimately you need to leave the wall bare before you start the application of a fresh coat of paint on it.

Try heating

Have you ever used a heating gun before? This is one of the options you can resort to for paint removal from your wall. It presents a suitable alternative when compared to harsh chemicals used for the same process. You will need a respiratory mask when doing the same to avoid inhaling the dangerous fumes emitted from the paint dust.

Ensure the room has sufficient ventilation too and avail a scraper you can use for when the paint has been melted and needs small effort for removal. You can successfully do this by having a heat gun on one hand and using a scraper on your other hand for easier work.

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Stripping method

The stripping method is the ideal alternative when you have failed to successfully scrape off the paint from the wall using a scraper. It entails using a paint-softening stripper that can be used for the removal process. Use of harsh chemicals is not advised, however, this option has better efficiency than most methods you may have tried.

Just protect your hands with gloves when handling the liquid and follow the removal guidelines to the latter. Success is dependent on your ability to use the liquid efficiently as guided until you are satisfied with the achieved results.

Use sanding options

Sanding is almost similar to most of the strategies discussed here however it is much easier and takes less effort. All you should do is find a power tool you can use for the procedure with most homeowners settling for an orbital sander that has 40-grit sandpaper.

The power tool can help you get the work done when passed over the worn-out old paints on your wall. You only need to cover the appliances and furniture within to safeguard them from the excess powder and dust.

Experts advice wearing a face mask and eye protection to also protect yourself from the dusty environment you will be working in.


Once you are done with the paint removal process, you should clean the walls using water. A wet sponge or piece of clothing can do the work to remove any excess debris that could be holding on to the surface as you need a smooth wall for the new repainting project.

4 Ways To Remove Old Paint

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