How To Remember Your Dreams

how to recall your dreams

Most people don’t realise how important their dreams are or how important it is to dream. This is usually due to the fact that they don’t remember their dreams in the morning. Dreams are very important, they are a way to tap into your imagination, your inner self.

When you fall asleep, the brain doesn’t sleep. Your body rests but your brain is still fully awake and very active. So dreaming is a function of the brain. It is a series of thoughts or sensations that occurs in the mind during sleep and it is associated with rapid eye movement (REM).

You will be surprised to realise that you find some of the solutions to your problems in your dreams. Now how can you put those solutions into work if you don’t remember your dreams and forget it when you wake up. So, we are going to discuss some things you can do to help you remember your dreams.


how to remember your dreams


1. Get enough sleep

During the first few hours of sleep, you fall into a very deep sleep to give your body enough rest. Your brain focuses on repairing your body. So even though you dream, these dreams are usually short. It is after your body is well rested that you have longer dreams. And the longer you dream, the higher the chance of remembering what you dreamt. So you have a better chance of remembering your dreams if you sleep for longer hours.

Most people have difficulty in falling asleep and when they finally fall asleep, they aren’t able to sleep long enough and then they wake up. Waking up several times during the night affects your sleep cycle. And by the time you wake up, you will be too stressed to recall your dream. So in order to remember your dreams, get a good night sleep. You can start by practising a night time routine which will help prepare your body for sleep time.

2. Check your night time habits

What you do right before bed can affect your memory when you wake up. Especially things you eat or drink right before bed. Taking in alcohol or some medications can affect your memory and make it difficult to remember your dream when you wake up.

Even certain foods can act as sedatives and these foods can interfere with your brain’s ability to recall your dreams. So be sure not to eat or drink anything except water of course, right before bed. Instead do things like meditating or reading right before bed.

3. Keep a dream journal

Keep a dream journal by your bed side. Keep it within arms reach. So that when you wake up, you can grab it without having to get up. Make sure your pen is right next to the journal. It will be best to keep the pen inside the journal, on the fresh page you will be writing. This way you don’t have to open page by page looking for a fresh page to write what you dreamt.

Write down your dream immediately you wake up. Before you get out of the bed. Write down whatever you remember. You remember more of what you dreamt the minute you wake up. It starts fading as time passes. So don’t touch your phone, don’t make any movements. Just pick your journal and start writing down what you remember.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, write down what you were dreaming. This is because by morning, you only remember the last dream you had. So writing down your dream in the middle of the night will help you remember more dreams.

4. Make up your mind to remember your dream

Your mind is a very powerful tool. And you can do almost anything if you put your mind to it. So right before bed, decide that you are going to recall your dream. Make up your mind and you will.

When you wake up the next morning, concentrate on remembering your dream. Don’t think of anything else. Don”t think of something that happened yesterday or the list of things you have to do today. Just concentrate on remembering your dream and you will.

Once you start doing these things and make them a habit, you will find that you remember most of your dreams.


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