Prime Reasons For Installing A Roof Access Hatch At Home

reason for installing a roof hatch

The homeowners often need to have easy access to their roofs, for repairing the roofs or to install any equipment on the roof. If a house owner desires to create a roof garden or simply enjoy the evenings on the roof terrace, then the installation of a roof access hatch is the best option for him. This structure may be made of transparent glass or insulated metal, as per the choice of the homeowner.

There are many advantages of installing such roof hatches, which this structure more preferable over the fixed metal ladders that were used earlier for climbing to a roof.

Facilities Obtained from The Installation of a Roof Access Hatch

Ensures the Safety of The Users

The latest design of roof access hatch is created with gas struts so that this structure does not close accidentally while passing through it, even if strong winds are blowing out. Thus, the users cannot be injured due to the slamming down of the hatch and roof hatch is also safer than the easily breakable ladders.

Roof Becomes Easily Accessible

The addition of external and internal latches and handles make the roof hatches more easily operational. Therefore, there is no danger of remaining stuck out on the roof or indoor, as these hatches can be pulled or pushed opened easily from any side.

Insulates Indoor from The Atmosphere

The metal or glass roof access hatch prevents the passage of heat in or out of the rooms through the opening on the roof. In winter, warm air of the indoor cannot leave the room and the atmospheric heat cannot easily enter the room in summer. Due to the presence of these hatches on the roof. Moreover, this roof hatch can be kept open to allow better ventilation of a room. Thus reducing the needs of switching on any electrical appliance for heating or cooling the indoor.

Easy Installation Process –

The roof hatches are available in the market in fully assembled form so that the buyers do not need to organize all the parts together. Thus, a house owner can easily install the roof access hatch directly on the roof of his home, without the help of any professional.

why install a roof hatch?

Highly Durable Structure

Usually, thick sheets of aluminium or galvanised steel are used for making the roof hatches, which last for many years. High-quality raw materials prevent rusting or corrosion of these structures if the house owners properly maintain these hatches.

Availability of Many Sizes

Normally, there are some standard sizes for the rectangular and square shaped roof access hatch, which fit perfectly on most of the house roofs. However, the buyers may also get customized hatches on request, according to their requirements of special shapes or sizes.

Various Prices Offered in The Market

The costs of these roof hatches vary according to their sizes and qualities. The large-sized and best quality hatches are available for high prices in the market. While the smaller products of medium quality can be bought for much lower prices. Thus, the common people can get all types of roof hatches that fit in their budgets.

An Attractive Door

It is not true that safety has to be ugly if you are passionate about interior decor you can add an attractive door to it and attach some hanging decoration too.

Increased Value of Property

It is seen that the houses with these roof hatches can be sold with higher prices in the real estate market, due to the demand of such properties among the potential buyers.

Reduced Risk of Fire 

You prevent the risk of fire by using these hatches because they are made with an insulating material.

All these beneficial points encourage every homeowner to buy roof access hatch, making their roofs easily accessible all the time.



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