Put the chocolate bar down and step away with your hands up

Chocolate. It’s the sugary snack we all hate to love. Nothing’s more satisfying than chowing down on a king size bar. It levels out sugar cravings, fills you up, and generally gives you a boost. But, despite all that, it comes with one fatal flaw. That’s right; chocolate is a breeding ground for calories. There’s just no way to keep your weight down while snacking on this. And, as well as damaging confidence, weight gain can lead to issues with everything from your heart to your blood pressure.


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Sadly, the threat of putting on a few pounds isn’t enough to see us all stepping away. For some, the pull is too strong, even with our waistlines at risk. If you fit into that category, you’ve come to the right place.

Sadly, it isn’t only weight gain which chocolate can lump us with. Calories are just the tip of the chocolate iceberg. So, put the chocolate down, and keep reading to find out what other damage it could do to your body.

effects of chocolate on the body

3 Effects of chocolate on the body

A risk of diabetes

When it comes to sugar-heavy snacks, it doesn’t get worse than chocolate. Even a 100-gram bar has an average 48 grams of sugar. Eat a large bar of this a day, and you can’t be surprised if diabetes comes knocking. This lifelong condition leaves your body unable to regulate sugar levels, and often happens as a result of sugar-heavy diets. 

What’s worse, diabetes can impact everything from your kidneys to the blood supply in your feet. While there are socks for diabetes on the market, many diabetics end up losing toes or entire feet. Next time you pick up that chocolate bar, then, you might want to ask yourself if your ability to walk is worth sacrificing.

A gut punch for your gastrics

Okay, so we know that chocolate can do some damage to our guts. As in, it can double their size if we aren’t careful. But, did you know what excessive chocolate consumption can actually do a lot more than that? In fact, choccy has also been linked to worsening gastritis and acid reflux. That’s because chocolate irritates the stomach lining like few other food types. If you’re already susceptible to gastric problems, then, chocolate is never going to do you well.

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Definite damage to your dental health

It isn’t even only your body which stands to fall foul to chocolate’s tricks. Your dental health is also at significant risk. The sheer amount of sugar in food types like chocolate lead to bacteria and acid in your mouth. This can literally dissolve your teeth. You could brush as well as you like, then, but your gnashers still won’t stand a chance against your chocolate habit.

So, you see; it isn’t only weight you stand to gain. Your love of chocolate could land you with a whole host of unwanted health problems. With that in mind, we would say it’s past time you put that chocolate down and walked away with your hands up. 


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