7 Tips To Protect Your Home From Damages

protect your home from damages

As a home owner, I am faced with an almost insurmountable task of keeping up with the upkeep of my home. It takes so much time and effort to maintain it that there seems to be no respite. After an issue has been resolved, sure enough, another one will crop up that will demand my time and attention.

But that’s the price of having my own home. For most people that I’ve talked to, it is a reasonable bargain for being able to have somewhere they know is theirs, a place of safety and security, and to some, a strong foundation for their family.

You will eventually encounter some damage to your home that will need repairs, but it doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. I have found that being a home owner who micromanages the small tasks for home maintenance can stave off a more significant problem down the line.

So here are seven tried and tested tips for protecting your home from damages.

1. From water damage

Unless you live in the desert, then you will experience some sort of water damage, either from rain, a storm, a pipe bursting, or a malfunctioning appliance. This type of damage is common in walls or roof where water pools and creates moisture that eats away at the wood or paint.

Protection from water damage is as easy as regular inspection of places around the house prone to such damage and immediate action when signs of water damage are seen.

2. From wind damage

Homes along the coast are prone to damages caused by the wind. In most cases, it’s the roof that takes the brunt of the force and takes on a lot of the damage. Securing shingles is one solution to prevent further damage to your house. Garage doors can also be reinforced to take on heavy winds, as well as covering windows and doors.

3. From storm damage

People living in the path of hurricanes know very well the damage that a big storm can cause to their house. In order to safeguard the property against such destruction, it’s crucial to anticipate what might happen. Roofs should be inspected and repaired before a known storm hits.

Trees around the house should also be trimmed to prevent branches from breaking off and falling into the roof or through a window. Rain gutters should also be cleaned of leaves and other debris.

4. From hail damage

Hail can be a harrowing experience, both for yourself and your house. It can cause a lot of damage, especially to your roof. Make sure that your roof is hail proof by using hail-resistant material. Glass windows should also be able to take on a heavy beating from the ice and reinforced during a hail storm.

5. From fire damage

No one wants to ever experience this catastrophe from happening in their home. Lucky for us, our technology and techniques have gotten better at combating a fire. Smoke detectors are a godsend and should be in most rooms around the house.

Keep a fire extinguisher handy, especially in the kitchen. And educate the younger inhabitants about the hazard of playing with fire.

6. From pest damage

Every home has a few pests here and there, and the battle to keep them at bay seems to never end. Cover trash bins securely to prevent rats and raccoons from getting at the waste food in there.

Get the help of a professional for any crawl space repair since it’s a common site for animals to live. Make sure they are properly sealed to prevent entry from rats, mice, and other vermin.

7. From theft

Besides damages from nature and animals, we should also consider the damage caused by other humans. Any home can be a target of theft, so it’s vital that as homeowners, we have to be vigilant.

Install security cameras around your property. Motion-sensitive lights are also quite useful to illuminate dark corners of the house. A good security system also increases the protection for your home.

how to protect your home from damages

Author Bio: Sarah Brooks is a passionate blogger and informative content writer who loves to write about home improvement, remodeling, and restoration. She is currently working with Foundation and Crawlspace Pros, one of the leading crawl space companies, which offers professional crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, crawl space dehumidification, moisture control and water damage repair in and around South Carolina.

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