8 Pre-Wedding Skin Tips To Get That Glow On Your Special Day

Everyone wants perfect and glowing skin, especially on your special day, when all eyes will be on you. You would most definitely want to remember this day with a ton of pictures, and what would be better than you looking completely radiant in all of them?

Getting clear and flawless skin is not only based on our DNA and genetics, but also on our environment and daily habits. The pollutants, dirt, and dust that we deal with on a daily basis while going out get clogged into our pores and cause problems such as acne, discoloration, and fine lines.

Different types of skin need different treatments. You should know when and how you should schedule facials and treatments before your wedding in order to get that natural glow.

You should also focus on helping your skin get better from the inside rather than just using a wide array of products on your skin. We will cover certain skincare basics along with some unique and special steps to help you achieve the perfect bridal skin.


Pre-wedding skin tips for the perfect bridal look

Assess your skin early

It is vital that you first understand how to get your skin in the best form possible. For this, you need to step in early and assess the current state of your skin. Is it oily, sensitive, or dry? What are your main target areas?

Do you need to deal with blemishes and discoloration? What kind of treatments would suit you best? Going to a dermatologist can help you in understanding these problems and how you can deal with them.

Some experts recommend starting bridal care a year in advance to get that glow. But if you do not have this much time, don’t worry. You can still achieve perfection by instilling good skincare habits as soon as possible.

Get professional facials

Facials are amazing for your skin. They help exfoliate the dead skin cells, help remove blackheads and whiteheads, and make your skin really soft and smooth. If you needed an excuse for some extra pampering, what is a better excuse than getting married? Book monthly facials in order to get the best results and refresh your skin.

If you go to a professional for a facial, they will massage your scalp, skin, and decolletage so that they can stimulate blood circulation. This makes your skin look very healthy. They even remove all of the dirt from your pores. Do not try this at home since you might irritate your skin or worse, scar it.

Deal with excess facial oil

When your skin produces a lot of oil, it can lead to more sebum production. Sebum is important for your skin but too much of it can clog your pores and lead to unwanted acne. You can use things such as blotting papers to keep the excess oil on your face under control. If you need a more advanced solution, it is important to follow a proper routine.

You can use a mild face wash to remove the dirt from your skin, skip the toner and be sure to use an oil-free and lightweight moisturizer. If you wash your face too much, your skin will try to compensate for the lack of facial oil by producing more, so do not try to dry your skin out. Instead, just focus on mildly cleansing your face.

Start eating superfoods

Glowing skin does not only come from using products. It is important to help your skin heal from the inside out. There are many ways to do so but the golden rule of skin care is to eat superfoods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

No matter what your skin type, it will always need water to stay hydrated and healthy-looking. Eat naturally hydrating foods such as watermelon and cucumbers.

Get your exercise in

The best way to achieve that natural and healthy glow on your skin is to help your body flush out all the toxins in it. This can only be done by sweating it out. All of the toxins that are embedded in your dermal layer will be removed through this process, leaving you with clear skin.

Regular sweating has been proven to be effective in improving the clarity and tone of the skin. Since this also increases blood circulation, nutrient-rich blood is brought out to the surface. Your sweat also has some antibiotics in it that have the ability to combat dermal bacteria. This also helps in dealing with tiny wrinkles and avoiding collagen breakdown.

pre-wedding skin tips

Use a good moisturizer

There are a wide variety of moisturizers available in the market today. All of these have different uses and cater to different skin types. It is important to choose one that is the best for your skin.

For example, if you have oily skin, you don’t want excessive moisture, but just enough to keep your skin hydrated. For this, ferulic or hyaluronic acid is great since they preserve the water content in your skin.

If you have dry skin, do not focus on an oil-free moisturizer. For sensitive skin, avoid hyaluronic acid and choose something that is non-comedogenic.

Use an acid peel for removing sunspots

Peels are often used to remove the layer of dead skin from the face and to bring the new skin out to the surface. You should book a series of peels at a professional spa if you want to enjoy the full benefits of peeling. This can seriously make your skin look nourished and refreshed along with removing any black spots there are on your skin.

Be sure to book around six sessions, at least two weeks apart. If you do have a full year before your wedding, get this treatment twice a year for the best effects.

Use benzoyl peroxide for zits

If you have problem areas where pimples keep popping up, don’t worry. Be sure to not pop them, instead, use benzol peroxide gently on the blemish. This can help your zit dry out quickly.

It is important to look after your skin no matter what. If you want to achieve that perfect bridal glow, start early in order to get perfect skin.

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