Post Pandemic Tourism: How Travel Sense Has Evolved Since Covid-19

It has been more than a year, and many of us are already feeling the itch to dust off our suitcases and hit the road. Well, who’s to stop us anyway, when travel restrictions are easing all around the world.

Plus, the remote work culture has also simplified travelling while still staying logged into the office for most of us. But, have you given it a thought – what does post-pandemic travel looks like?

Of course, you must have given it a thought. And you being here would mean nothing less. Besides, there are sanitisation guidelines for travellers to help prevent the further spread of the virus.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading and learn how travel sense has evolved since the pandemic has struck us.  Moreover, if you are planning to visit Faro Portugal anytime soon then must check this complete guide on this.

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Random Travel Plans Are Fading Away

We all have been on random last-minute trips and enjoyed them too. No regrets. But, the pandemic has changed this equation.

Recent studies reveal that more and more travellers are now going for exclusively planned trips. Although there are still travellers who are heading out on last-minute random trips, many of them say they would wish to go out on a planned trip the next time.

No To Crowded Public Transport

Well, you can’t deny it either; you want to avoid crowded places as much as possible. And, every other traveller is experiencing a similar outburst of emotions.

People are leaning towards private taxis or personal transports over shared crowded transportation. For instance, the demand for Airport pickup service has experienced an exponential increase since last year.

Notably, there are two reasons to back this increase primarily. Firstly, private or personal vehicles are likely to be more hygienic, and they are usually sanitised after every trip. And, secondly, there is a decreased possibility of direct transmission from being in contact with an infected person.

Staycations Are The New Trend

Another noteworthy trend to witness is the increase in the number of staycations. Initially, though, it was a rebound to international air travel restrictions. But, now, it is more of a thing that travellers are willing to explore.

Reports suggest more than two-thirds of the travellers are choosing staycations over international travel. Perhaps, we are to witness an upward trend in staycations over the coming months too.

woman having a staycation at her backyard

Changes In Accommodation Preferences

If any industry has had the worst downturn due to the pandemic, it has to be the hospitality industry. Precisely speaking, hotels are the worst hit of all.

Travellers are now choosing vacation rentals over hotel accommodations. And for obvious reasons.

Hotel rooms are generally shared by guests, which leaves guests exposed to the potential risk of contracting the infection. More so, despite all the sanitisation practices in place, reports indicate hotels have been a significant contributor to the spread of the virus.

Although the luxury hotels are taking all the possible measures to control and prevent the spread, it is indeed the affordable ones that make it challenging.

Clearly, there have been some significant changes in the travel sense over the last year. And, what’s interesting is the fact that most of these changes are expected to stay.

If you have been thinking about hitting the road soon, you must plan accordingly. Here are a few suggestions that can help you enjoy a safe trip.

Plan Your Itinerary

The first and foremost thing that you should be doing before you hit the road is planning your itinerary. You must inquire what compliances are necessary before deciding your destination. And once you have decided your destination, the next thing you ought to be doing is ensure that you fulfil them.

Carefully allocate your budget and time to the important places at your destination to make the most of your trip.

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Pack Your Essentials

Although it’s a no-brainer, in light of the spreading virus, it needs to be stressed upon. You need to be sure that you pack all your essentials such as sanitary condiments, sanitisers, cleaning wipes, masks, and other PPE products.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be sharing any of these products when you are on your trip. It only increases your chances of contracting the infectious virus, all the more.

Consider adding a medical alert bracelet in your list of essential wearables. While no one wants to be caught in a health emergency while traveling, unexpected things can happen anytime, anywhere. You may as well prepare for these situations by making sure emergency- and health-related pieces of information are easily accessible to first responders and medical staff.

These can include your name, medical conditions, allergies, life-saving meds, and emergency contact information. It’s always better to take precautionary safety measures when you’re traveling far away from home.

Prebook Everything

It is noteworthy that post-pandemic travel has upsurged instantly. Meaning, chances are you might not find any bookings available if you leave it for the last minute.

Whether you’re booking a hotel room or an Airport pickup service, make sure you book them in advance.

Advance bookings would reduce the chances of cancelling your trip, particularly due to unavailability. And of course, it would leave you stress-free with all the last minute bookings.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy

Most important of all, don’t miss out on the fun part of your trip.

Your trip, whether a weekend getaway or a month-long staycation, is meant to be rejuvenating for you. And if you’d keep on worrying about the infection spread or following up the itinerary too tightly, you might miss out on the enjoyment.

So, cut yourself some slack and let loose. Even if it means missing out on a few places on your itinerary. After all, what fun is a trip is you can’t enjoy it to the fullest.

Some Precautions That You Should Take

Although you can plan a wonderful and safe trip, there are a few precautions that you should consider.

  • Try to avoid destinations that would require quarantine and isolation.
  • Avoid destinations that have surging cases of Covid-19.
  • Plan your trip to destinations where you can also continue to work if need be.
  • Also, try not to go around travel planners and companies that can offer you discounted packages.

The Final Word

Pandemic has changed a lot of things in our lives – from the way we work to the way we celebrate and travel. And most importantly, it has left most of us devastated and cringed, being locked up inside our homes for months.

Of course, a trip after such a long time being holed up in our houses is necessary. But, at the same time, taking proper safety measures is still important. On this note, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.


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