How To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Date At Home

February is a month of love, it comes with Valentine’s day which is perfect day  for couples to celebrate their love. Exploring new and exciting ways to spoil your loved one is a key to having a perfect date night. It shouldn’t always be about reserving hotels and restaurants.

But this time around try spending time together at home and even spend less. Give your partner a perfect treat by trying something new and much romantic at home. If you don’t have any plans yet about what to do on that special day, here’s an article on planning the perfect Valentine’s dinner date at home

How to plan a valentine date at home

how to plan a valentine's dinner date
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Cook a special meal for your date:

Add a special touch to your valentine’s day meal and avoid making reservations at the restaurant on this busy holiday. Prepare a meal at home and invite him or her over to eat with you. It shouldn’t always be the ladies, men can try cooking for their partners too and invite them over to eat – that will be very romantic.

You can make your own restaurant at home by using the nest cutlery and plates, flowers, wine and candles to give your table a classic look. This will make the meal more appetizing. Make sure you write down all the ingredients needed and start buying them a day or two before. Don’t forget desserts and get some romantic songs if you do not have so that have a perfect time with your partner.

how to plan a valentine's date at home

Get palsy-walsy at home:

Invite your partner over to the house, where you can have some privacy, intimacy and plenty of fun for a little money or free. Play video games, watch movies, play hide and seek, pillow fights, cuddle up and enjoy each other’s company.

Sprinkle some lovely flowers on the bed with some chocolate. If you have dimmer light, it’s super easy to create a romantic atmosphere. Prepare some home- made popcorns or bake some cookies – try baking them out in heart- shaped.  Have an awesome time together!

Surprise your date:

Everybody loves surprises but make it more special on this day. Because it’s a perfect day for you two. Get your partner something they’ve wished for or you can even propose to her on that night. Get your gift customized with their initials to make it more unique.

Invite your best friend with his or her partner over:

You can plan the perfect dinner by inviting your friend to come over to your house with her partner and share your love stories together. Order something to be delivered to you at home, enjoy and have a good time without any hotel reservations.

Make or buy a card:

Try making a card with papers, marker pens or any decorative element you know to give your card classy and romantic look. Make it  personal and unique to your partner. If you are not good at designing, you can get lovely cards from the shop and read it out together when your date comes over.

Have a hot romantic bath together:

Decorate your bathtub with nice flowers and candles, get dimmer lights to create a romantic atmosphere. Get your favourite wines and have a romantic bath together. If you don’t have a bathtub, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic bath too, you can equally decorate your bathroom with sweet scented flowers and candles to experience the unique environment because it’s simply you two having a quality time together.


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  1. January 28, 2019 / 4:12 pm

    Nice surprises are the best, this can turn out great. My tradition is making cookies, but they don’t always turn out so well :/



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